Korean model Song Jina promotes Rift

Donning a battle outfit, model Song Jina was recently hired to promote the game “Rift” in South Korea.

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StraightPath3499d ago

koreans do alot of plastic surgery i heard beware of fake stuff lol

JsonHenry3499d ago

^^ She could easily be a "he" in Korea. (or most of Asia actually) Not being racist, bigoted, or just plain mean. Its an open and accepted sorta thing for the most part over there. You could be getting a guy when you think you are getting a girl.

I know, I've watched the 2nd Hangover movie. This makes me an expert in this area. :)

Game4life3499d ago

Movies do not = real life

Pozzle3499d ago

Nuthin' wrong with a little self improvement :P

LettingGo3499d ago

The Hangover bit was a joke, dude. I think it went over your head.

kreate3499d ago

To put it to perspective.

Plastic surgery rankings...

1 - USA
2 - Mexico
3 - brazil
4 - Japan

14 - S. Korea

watch out for the fakes

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SilentNegotiator3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I haven't seen a face that pretty since Michael Jackson's. I love 'em pale and boney faced. MMM MM :)

3499d ago