Yet Another Gaming Show: AudioSurf Review

Mike D from YAGS writes:

"I don’t know about all of you, but when Steam has their holiday sales (or any sales for that matter) it’s hard to resist a lot of purchases. Sometimes, I will buy a game in these sales based on a teaser trailer or description if the price is right and the funds available. More times than not, these games end up being better than the game I was originally intending to purchase. This of course happened during the Holiday Steam sale this week with the purchase of an alluring little indie game called AudioSurf.

AudioSurf, like many nontraditional rhythm games such as Beat Hazard, allows you to play the game using all your own music. Given my music library, this can range anywhere from Top 40 to Punk Rock to Brit Pop to Japanese Metal, all of which are a delight to play in this Tron-like trippy game play. Unlike Beat Hazard, which game play wise is akin to Asteroids, AudioSurf offers a completely new and unparalleled gaming experience blending Racing style games with rhythm and a touch of abstract strategy."

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