PSVita forces firmware updates, spies on you

Your little, $250 handheld won't let you manage your own files until you are deemed worthy enough of the feature, by updating your firmware. Certainly, everyone has internet in this day and age- that's why if you connect your Vita to a networkless PC you'll find, like Wololo did, that it won't work. Like, at all. It won't connect.

...And it shall always look at you, watching you, spying on you, and writing your daily life on a database (let it be pornography usage and view, screenshot sharing, and other interesting, perhaps illegal information sharing...), like the monster it is.

Like, seriously, Sony?

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Abash3459d ago

Wow a bitter article from a site called ""? Shocking. Sony is playing hardball with piracy and the very same people complaining are the reason why Sony are this way with piracy now.

blumatt3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Yeah, I mean as much I'd like to just download and pirate all my games, I don't. I pay for my games. And the whole "gotta download certain firmware to use certain features" thing...Well, what do you expect? lol

The fact that piracy was rampant on the PSP is why Sony is taking a much more defensive approach with lots of protective measures in place.

Gamers should BUY their games. And preferably, buy them new, if possible. Of course, I know that's not always possible because no one can afford to buy them all new, but at least some of them. Sony doesn't want piracy to mess up the Vita.

And, regardless of how you want to justify it, piracy IS stealing. If you obtain something for free and it's not given to you, then it's stealing. I used to be the exact opposite. Limewire was my best friend, but I learned that it's robbing the music industry and I started buying all my music.

EDIT: Wow, guys! 5 Disagrees so far for advocating buying your games instead of stealing them. And not one of them had the courage to tell my why. lol

Krew_923459d ago

I agree that we have to buy games, but the only reason you got so many disagrees is because people don't like being told what to do. You sound like a hardcore preacher advocating for anti-piracy.

Also people have different world views, with different set of morals, and principles. One person can see piracy as an evil vile act, while others may see it as something trivial.

SynGamer3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I fully agree with the first two comments. If you can afford to but the system, lay down the money and buy the games. I, for one, am glad Sony is tracking just about everything we do with the Vita. They have the right to try and protect it from the hackers.

Props Sony :)

Is it February yet? I can't wait much longer for my Vita!

EDIT: regarding legal issues, I would imagine that as soon as you boot the PS Vita for the first time, there is likely a Terms and Conditions. I would venture to say that if one doesn't accept that, they can simply return the PS Vita.

smashcrashbash3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

The people who usually get the most upset and angry about things like this are the very same people who are itching to see the VITA hacked. Forced updates sound good to me. You won't have to force me to do that on my fully legal VITA.I have no sympathy for cheaters, thieves and liars. Spare me the long sob stories about how a hacked VITA will be better.

viperman2403459d ago

So let me get this straight, just cause the Vita doesn't let you transfer files when your computer isn't connected to the internet. You automatically assume its spying on you.

Great detective work.

And like smashcrashbash said, only the people who want to hack the Vita are pissed about this.

On a side note correct me if I'm wrong, isnt the ipod the same?

danielle0073459d ago

Sorry, scb, replying to viperman240.

Correcting you since you're wrong, iPods aren't the same. It doesn't require an internet connection to add/remove files, and it doesn't force every update on you.

kevnb3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

this is pretty draconian. I dont pirate and dont want to be spied on. worst part is the pirates will defeat this but legit users will suffer.

SynGamer3459d ago

How will the legit users suffer? You assume that SPYing is bad. What if I changed that to LOGging? Not so evil now. Guess what, just about ever tablet and cellphone LOGs data at some level to better diagnose issues when they arise. No personal information is gathered (usually) but this logging gives them an idea of what was happening when issues arose, that way they can better help the customer.

If you aren't doing anything illegal, you have nothing to worry about. :)

kevnb3459d ago

what if I dont have internet access. What if I dont trust the company who put rootkits on music cds?

SynGamer3459d ago

No internet? Really? you're posting on a website...if you have no internet but are spending $250+ on a portable gaming device, I think it's safe to say you have internet.

As far as rootkits, Sony paid for their mistake. I don't foresee that happening again.

farhad2k83459d ago

Sony is doing what should have been done 5 years ago with the PS3.
This will stop the hackers from doing some nasty shit to Sony.

I really can't wait to get my hands on the PSV. :(

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Silly gameAr3459d ago

Not sure I care what a site with hack in the name has to say about anything gaming related.

rezzah3459d ago

even if it was something


Silly gameAr3459d ago


I'm sick of hacks/hacking/hackers period. White hat, black hat, sh*t hat I don't care.

resistance1003459d ago story please. As Silly gameAr said i'm don't really care for a site's gaming opinion when they have Hack in their name.

Noticeably_FAT3459d ago

This shouldn't be a surprise, Sony pushes updates as it is if you want to play online.

Lots of negative Sony in the new lately. Cant say it's been their best year.

DonaldBeck3459d ago

it HAS been there best year. uncharted 3 got a 10/10
we got tons of exclusives ect
the only people who cant see that are trolls.
and negative press for ign giving ps3 the best console of 2011? seriously...

anyways any troll can make 50 websites bashing sony, it does not mean its true, and it isn't, not by A loooong shot buddy.

BX813459d ago

Tons of exclusives? Doesn't mean that they are worth buying. The last game I purchased for the PS3 was Uncharted 3 and before that I can't recall. I don't like the idea of sony recording what I'm doing on my system but I also didn't see any proof in the article where sony is actually doing this. Damn hackers! Just leave things alone!

blumatt3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

So you're telling me that Uncharted 3 was the only one worth buying out of all 10 or more exclusives that came out this year? lol I could understand if there were only like 2 or 3 (I'm looking at you...well you know who) exclusives. But the PS3 had 10 or so this year and I know that most of them were quality.

Titanz3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I want my Vita to see me looking hot! :P

badz1493459d ago

How many birthday suits do you have?? I know everybody has 1 but you have more? Do you even understand what's "birthday suit" in the 1st place?

danielle0073459d ago


BX813459d ago

Maybe he rocks tassles one day, a bow tie the next, etc...

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