Saint's Row Update to have V- Sync

Can't stand the screen tearing from playing Saint's Row. The developers of the game plan to have the update with the option to enable V- Sync.

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ChickeyCantor5856d ago

vertical sync.....i always play without.......well maybe cozz its not disturbing me

Phil Harrison5856d ago (Edited 5856d ago )

I thought they also said it rounds up the framerate to the nearest 10, so if you had 34fps, it would go down to 30fps, for some reason.
Still, I reckon they've found a way round it. Good Job! EDIT: Acutally, it appears to be option, with a warning it COULD affect framerate. Yay or nay....?

Hey, they're even adding the 4xAA for Standard Def TVs. Should've done that in the first place, but it's welcome anyway!

dantesparda5856d ago (Edited 5856d ago )

Good! Its about damn time! i think that they (MS) should give the whole system a V-Sync option, cuz i cant stand vertical tearing. I think it is disgusting and unacceptable on a video game system. What they should really do to satisfy everybody is to also give you the option to up the refresh rate to at least 120hz (although even more like say 160hz would be nice) that way you wouldnt have to turn on the vsync and still minimize or eliminate the tearing