Is a Gears of War 3 demo about to drop on Live?

Much like the demo for Halo Reach (which was one of the best demos of this year), are we to see a demo for the Xbox's other "big" exclusive?


Demo is now Live. 1.5 GB and allows you to play Shipwrecked portion of the campaign.

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Gearshead752581d ago

I just don't see the value in releasing a demo later, but Reach proved me wrong in that. I guess if you are late to the show this is a good way to see if it is a game you'll actually want to drop some cash on to get in your tray.

Yi-Long2581d ago

... might check out the demo and it might convince me to pick up a GOTY-edition if that ever gets released.

Virus2012581d ago

Gears 3 for around 40bucks

Then you can get the season pass which allows you to download all dlc for free for 30 bucks.


Happy Gaming and enjoy the rest of your holidays :)

Yi-Long2581d ago

... but I don't 'do' DLC, so the only way I'll ever get to play the game is if all the DLC is just included in the retail-release. ;)

Snookies122581d ago

Best demos of the year? Didn't realize demos could get titles like that...

BX812581d ago

Why not? I thought the Bulletstorm demo was crap but it really didn't represent the final product. There has to be the best/worst. It's all about your opinion.

Snookies122581d ago

I mean sure, there are good and bad demos, I'm not disputing that, but to say demo of the year? Like it's some amazing accomplishment is kinda going overboard in my opinion. XD

ZILLA2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

cause it was the fastest falling game on N4G top ten list EVER,plus the xbox has grown old and outdated.

RaidensRising2581d ago

Great call Msxbox-world you got a Crystal ball or what?

ddelella2581d ago

The demo is already available. It is of the Shipwreck board.

clarkjudo2579d ago

Same demo we all saw played? .... great. LOL