Seagate Says 2.5TB Hard Drives By 2009.

According to the press release put out by Seagate, the company claims a 1.8" disk drive produced on the same 421 Gbits per square inch technology would result in a 275GB hard drive. 2.5" drives on the density would level out around 500GB, and fully fledged 3.5" hard drives would be able to house a density of 2.5 terabytes. Perhaps even more exciting is that Seagate "anticipates that solutions at these density levels could begin to emerge in 2009."

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ChickeyCantor5853d ago

2500 GB..........why do we want to download so much porn?(J/k)

Gh0stDrag0n5853d ago

HD porn will take up more space :)

silent ninja5853d ago

i can't even fill my 150 gig harddrive that i bought with my pc and i've had it for 2 yrs (used 10%)

the fact is you can't keep up with technology not matter what.


gnothe15853d ago

that the next wave of systems MAY NOT have a disc drive in them HD-DVD or BLUERAY. I havent filled up my 120 gig HD either only at 40% an had it for about 2 years also!!

Gh0stDrag0n5853d ago

Do any of you use your PC for more than just the internet? I've got over 300Gb in music, all legal BTW. Countless games, vids, pics...
heck I've got a 120Gb drive just for Neverwinter Nights.(I spent alot of time on NN mods)
With digital distribution, and higher definition formats in audio and video more space will be needed, your home entertainment system will basically have to be a media server.

The_Firestarter5852d ago

Why do you need 300GB of music!? I barely have 2.6GB of music! Are you seriously one of those people that listen to almost EVERY type of music? Generally speaking, of course. But I know what all of you guys mean. I only have a 200GB HD but I already used 111GB of it in only 9 months! When I'm done building my new rig, I'm gonna need 600GB!

zonetrooper55853d ago

i got a 160GB hard drive and i have taken most of the space up.

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