There's too much choice. It's killing games

Cristmas is a time for games. Lots of games. It's the point in the year where the steady patter of new boxes hitting shelves turns into a hammering sleet of high-profile sequels and gun-waving action heroes.

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Matrix2k4286d ago

This article is stupid. Let me count the ways

1) Play time should not be shortened. It should be made longer. VALUE. People dont get it anymore

2) Mobile doesnt produce polished games. Maybe polished crap

3) Free to play really isnt taking off and its failing more than its succeeding

Gohadouken4286d ago

1. Agreed

2 Mobile is so far mostly producing the best polished imitations of console games it can , wich isnt always saying much .

3 F2p is often the retirement house where washed up mmos go to try squeezing more money , or where former stars will go lay to rest .

Anyway the article is ridiculous . "There are too many tv channels and shows , let's make them 5-15 min short to savor them " would be the kind of fallacious logic if ever applied .

Matrix2k4286d ago

Mobile cant do imitations of anything with bad controls, and zero depth and length

And I am not talking second hand ports of games systems of had for years

5119ent4286d ago

I think by the end of next gen it will be a two horse race


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thorstein30d ago

Dogmeat: *bark!*

Translation: you are dead to me.


You can probably add Karlach to this from BG3


Five Annoying Video Game Openings in Otherwise Classic Titles

Some games endure despite the average player wishing they could skip that first hour - here are five annoying video game openings in otherwise classic titles.

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Yi-Long46d ago

I liked the Red Dead 2 opening, certainly didn’t feel like a slog to me, but I enjoyed that whole game so for those who were just expecting ‘GTA but with cowboys’, that was probably not the opening they expected, and Red Dead 2 wasn’t the game they were hoping for …

First game that came to mind when I read the title, was Watch Dogs 2, because you’re expecting an open world sandbox game in sunny colorful San Francisco, and instead that opening has you crawling and sneaking around an incredibly boring office building …

PrimeVinister46d ago

Watch Dogs 2 is a decent game but not really a classic. The opening is awful though. You got that right.

I loved the RDR 2 opening hours the first time but going back to restart it is where the rub lies for me.

Yi-Long46d ago

Yeah, I agree it’s not a classic, but it was the first game I thought of where I really thought; Why would you make that design choice!? If you’re gonna do a thing like that in order to teach the player some basic sneaking controls, at least make the location a bit more interesting, like an abandoned theme park or gorgeous temple or whatever, but now the gameplay was restrictive and boring, but also the location itself.

PrimeVinister46d ago

@Yi-Long Definitely true re the worst possible choices being made for the opener of Watch Dogs 2. I did enjoy WD2 overall but that intro is baffling :-D

shammgod46d ago

Red Dead 2 opening was trash