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VGW: As the year comes to a close, every media outlet and blogger is looking back and examining the top games from the past 12 months. While we here at VGW are doing that and more, we also wanted to take the opportunity to update our grades that we dished out at the mid-year mark. Earlier this year, despite the catastrophic crash of its online infrastructure, Sony was able to lead the pack with one of the greatest half-years of exclusive titles we’ve ever seen.

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ForROME3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

I Give ~

SONY 8.9
MS 8.5

Good time to be a Gamer; Great year all around

Horny3262d ago

Thats basically what this site gave them.
except for the lol on Nintendo.
Sony B+
Ms B
Nintendo C

I agree with the grades but not with what was necessarily said.

darthv723261d ago

is based on satisfaction of the games I played within the year.

No surprise I play my 360 more than the PS3 but i wouldnt grade it higher than the PS3.

360: B
PS3: A-
Wii: C+

My reasoning is that when I play the 360 I am doing so with my kids. We play the lego games (quite fun actually) and a few others.

We also play the wii but we play more on the 360. Now my own personal satisfaction on the PS3 has been higher thanks to KZ3 and finally playing through UC2 and infamous amongst other previous releases.

Sorry I am not basing the grade on current games released within the year but more of an overall "did i enjoy playing these games this year" kind of thing.

MadMen3262d ago

I agree ROME

I think SONY bested Xbox by a smudge and the Wii is a joke with an occasional game to make you forget and then you remember its a joke again

The fact that SONY and MS have weathered huge storms in this gen of fouls yet still come out in stride is a testament to their strengths

cobblestone193262d ago

I Give:
Sony: 9.2
Ms: 7.5
Nin: 6.0

Prophet-Gamer3261d ago

Agreed, the PS3 far outdid it's competition this year in terms of games and quality. No doubt about it. MS was in distant second and the Wii at least got a great Zelda game. Other than that, it was another great PS3 Year.

SilentNegotiator3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

"September saw the launch of Gears of War 3 – the delay of which paid off, as it may be the best exclusive title console has ever seen"
I hope they mean "best exclusive title [ON THE 360] console has ever seen" (though I would disagree with that, too), because if they actually meant "best exclusive title console has ever seen"

"as well as the new ability to watch television through the console itself, the Xbox 360 is becoming a strong, all-in-one device"
Don't you still have to pay for the cable service? And get limited channels through it? So it functions as a half-working cable box? Neat-o? What about the games? Oh, you only have 3 or 4 notable exclusives to mention? Uh....okay then.

"The latest Xbox Live Dashboard update proved, once again, that Microsoft understands the organization that gamers desire for an entertainment device. The dashboard is both accessible and aesthetically pleasing, which is something that the Microsoft’s biggest rival, Sony, has failed to do with its flagship gaming device’s operating system"
The new dashboard that is a horizontal strip of categories with random setups of boxes? Oh yeah, that BLOWS XMB OUTTA THE WATER! /s

Pure fanboy crap. All of that crap just to make out a simple "+" difference, despite all of the games. And shocker, he points out Move duds but not Kinect there's none of those. He even claims that they didn't try to stuff Kinect down our throats....HA!

DeathAvengers3262d ago

He's a fanboy? Actually seems like you are.

SilentNegotiator3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Thanks for the input. God forbid I be unimpressed by non-gaming features and an author clearly being selective on the way he presents the three consoles.

Games? HUH! Who cares when you can play up a limited cable feature? Or claim that a device isn't being "stuffed down our throats" on a half a billion dollar marketing budget and it being jammed in every place it can be on the dashboard and be its focus? Claim that a similar dashboard is extremely superior with no actual points? And the best he can do is mention 3 or 4 exclusives? And he turns that into a B? Is he a gamer or market analyst?

RememberThe3573262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

You have a point. MS really didn't bring anything for the gamer this year. If your not a gamer then you should be happy with what MS is doing with the 360, otherwise gamers want games and MS didn't have many of those this year.

I don't get why MS is getting a pass on this. Shouldn't most people be pissed about the 360's exclusive drop off? When Sony was showing off how the PS3 could be a multimedia machine all you guys were screaming for games, but now that MS is doing the same with the 360 games don't matter anymore. I don't get it. Why is it OK for MS to do it but it's wrong for Sony? You claim that Silent is a fanboy but it looks to be that he's more of a gamer than any of you guys supporting MS in the fact that he actually wants more games.

Silent wants the author to make sense and he doesn't, but since he's calling like he sees it he gets called a fanboy. This site is so backwards, I'm dyslexic and I can't even make out some of the thought possesses going on.

I don't know if I'm alone in this but this generations double standards are starting to get on my nerves...

gamingdroid3262d ago


You all know the story about this person....


Because MS released solid exclusives. Quality over quantity.

Other than Uncharted 3 and maybe KZ3, I haven't personally felt there was much worthy of buying.

So despite the "quantity advantage", it really didn't matter. For a long time the Wii by far had the most exclusives, but nobody beat their chest on those games....

Shang-Long3262d ago

@ gamingdroid

you may personally say there aren't any worth buying but thst gears and forza are soild exclusive

but i say these are soild exclusive and worth buying
LittleBigPlanet 2
Resistance 3
Infamous 2
Uncharted 3

Why o why3262d ago

Gamingdroid is so anti sony its a joke. Quality over quantity you say. Lbp motorstorm yakuza infamous uncharted killzone and resistance..cmon now stop being an inbred. Open your eyes or at least tell me whats bested it. If games like bulletstorm can interest you surely you can recognise quality of something that doesnt interest you.. Grow up

badz1493262d ago

what else you got to say, right?

P_Bomb3261d ago

PS3 console exclusives that were buy worthy for me this year:
DC Universe
Motorstorm Apocalypse
ICO/SOTC Collection
GOW Origins Collection

No regrets. Also picked up 2010's GranTurismo5, Dead Nation and the Fight from the back catalogue. Only the Fight I'd consider skippable. The rest were enjoyable and I'm glad I played them. 9 of my 14 platinums were exclusives. Definitely an 'A+' year for software support.

Undeadwolfy3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Well said SilentNegotiator and RememberThe357. +bubs I am disappoint as usual GamingDroid.

SilentNegotiator3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Quality over Quantity? I agree.

PS3's very best exclusives:
Uncharted 3 - 92
LBP2 - 91
KZ3 - 84

Xbox 360's "quality over quantity":
Gears of War 3 - 91
Forza 4 - 91
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - 82 said quality over quantity, though. So you're in favor of the PS3, as it has both QUALITY AND QUANTITY?
Oh, and don't worry; along with quantity and quality of exclusives, the ps3 has the precious multiplatform games, too.

Well, we all know this guy's hypocrisy to defend the xbox.

"Other than Uncharted 3 and maybe KZ3, I haven't personally felt there was much worthy of buying"
And anyone could claim the same the other way around, despite the ps3 exclusives being rated higher anyway. Pretend you don't like the games you haven't played all you want; it doesn't make a difference.

insomnium23261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

LOL what is it exactly that keeps gamingdroids and DK286K's bubbles so high? I haven't seen such fanboy drivel anywhere.

I agree with silent and 357. Great comments. Just about as good a comment as my new signature check it out.

-"The 360's BC is around 75%. I know because I actually play the games."-Made in DK286K-

edit @ silent

I don't actually approve using MC to claim what game is better but wth it was them who started it in the first place so in this case it burns them twice so thumbs up and bubbles up to both of you.

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fei-hung3262d ago

This reviewer tried so hard not to be biased but fell short afterall.

He played down many Exclusives and pushed a cable service and shovelware to make the distance of 2 points smaller :s

Maybe consoles should abandon all AAA and AA Exclusive games and just become a cable service with lots of waggly games and Angry Birds.

The name of the site is almost an oxymoron after reading this article lol

gamingdroid3262d ago

Maybe because the vast majority, don't just ONLY play games, but also use OTHER FORMS OF ENTERTAINMENT.

Just a thought...

JoeReno3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )


True enough, about people using them for other forms of entertainment, but that is and should always be SECONDARY a sideline feature, but not anything it should be graded on. I didn't buy my PS3 to play blu-rays or stream netflix, just as I didn't buy my PS2 for a dvd player. I got them for the games. That's it. Everything else is a bonus, and at the end of the day they are GAME consoles.

gamingdroid3261d ago


Maybe for you, but for me Netflix and other forms of entertainment I consume also takes up time. Buying a console for me would no longer be just for the games, no more than a phone is just to make phone calls.

AtomicGerbil3261d ago


What I don't understand is why you aggressively tear apart a console that already gave you the OTHER FORMS OF ENTERTAINMENT, and for no extra charge?

The hypocrisy round here is legendary.

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-Superman-3262d ago

Metacritic, only exclusives, rating 100 to 70 scores only, no mini, no xboxlive, psn games, no move or kinect games. Only full exclusive games.


Uncharted 3: 92/100
The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection 91/100
LittleBigPlanet 2 91/100
Killzone 3 84/100
InFamous 2 83/100
Resistance 3 83/100
MotorStorm: Apocalypse 77/100
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One 70/100

Gears of War 3 91/100
Forza 4 91/100
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary 82/100

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 93/100
Kirby's Return to Dream Land 78/100

You cant give Microsoft and Wii same score like sony...
Sony had more exclusives and better games than Wii and Xbox 360 total.

So this means:

Sony: 9
Microsoft: 5
Nintendo: 3

Game3s3261d ago

Sony had more exclusives true but that doesn't mean the other exclusives on the 360 and Wii are irrelevant, they all are good.

P_Bomb3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

You're missing some PS3 exclusives there.

MLB11 The Show has a 90% avg. That's a huge one to miss.
GOW Origins Collection has an 84% avg.
Disgaea4 has an 80% avg.
Yakuza4 has a 78% avg.

All higher than Motorstorm & Ratchet&Clank All4One.

humbleopinion3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Why no XBLA gna PSN games when most of these games top many retail exclusives? I mean even Crysis was released as an XBLA/PSN game this year and IMO it topped Crysis 2. Ms Spolsion Man is a way better platformer than the disappointing Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One so no point to include one but not the other.

Your comparison sounds even weirder to exclude these when you actually include games like ICO, SOTC and Halo which are basically last gen remakes available on other platforms (what's the difference between the Halo remake and the Perfect Dark remake which was released last year for the XBLA for example? except for the fact that MS charges more for Halo?). Your logic has no sense to me.

I tend to agree with the article: Sony had an awesome first half and a slightly weaker second half, while MS had a pretty mediocre first half but an excellent second half. Overall Sony was better throughout the year with a more solid release line. Eventually both companies only managed to pull 2 AAA 90+ exclusives this year (which is pretty decent actually)

Goozex3261d ago Show
showtimefolks3261d ago

sony ....8.8,,,,with all the exclusive games there were not that many great PSN titles. Also psn hack along with finally confirming that ps3 was not to do cross game chat.

MS....7.5,,,,forza 4,gears3,halo remake out of these only gears 3 is a true AAA title, but xblive has had a great year. That's one thing MS has done right

WII....7,,,,thing is nintendo knows that wii is not something they want to support moving forward so it was a ok year but their main attention was on 3DS because early on it was doing really badly, moving forward let's see if wii-u is a true next-gen console or is it just xbox360 and ps3 with little better specs.

overall i think this was the year of 3RD party publishers,developers. Now that's just my opinion.

This may shock you but people call 2011 to be the biggest year in gaming i say 2012 could not only top that but shatter expections

bioshock infinite....most likely 9.5/10

darksiders 2 given almost 3 years of development time expect nothing less than a stellar AAA title i need to say more

borderlands 2 a game if you a fan will net you over 200hrs into single player/co-op

last of us....its ND developing and the director of this game is from NT who made heavenly sword and than he was the main game director for enslaved, so expect a story driven beautiful looking game

darkness 2
sly 4
twisted metal

HALO 4. do i need to say more

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SKUD3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

I would be surprised if MS doesn't launch a year early again then Sony. The gap they needed disappeared. Even with the issues when PSN went down.

BitbyDeath3262d ago

Sony said they'd release around the same time as the next Xbox.

DSI3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )


@That_Whore - don't rationalize, just look at the year of how Sony ran things and try not to be objective.

Actually for 2011, I think MS did better overall. Even with the PS3 having more exclusives, I think MS manager the overall business of the xbox 360 better than Sony did with the PS3 for 2011.

Just my opinion.

With the clear lack of security of their network (not talking about the hack itself, but the things that were exposed as unsecured after the magnifying glass was placed on sony's network.)I couldn't possibly give Sony anything above a C. This review still almost gave then an A. They are clearly not being objective in their review and grading.

KonaBro3262d ago

According to you, the fact that something that happened beyond Sony's control negates the fact that they provided the most entertainment for their system out of all 3? Yeah, your bias is definitely showing.

callahan093262d ago

Yeah, let's just forget about the fact that countless, countless, countless companies are experiencing security breaches in the past year or two, and just say "Sony's security was lackluster and awful and everything is their fault." Nope. Not gonna buy that for one minute. Their handling of the situation was not perfect, but it never is in these types of unfortunate scenarios, and they aren't the only victims. And you're seriously considering poopooing their entire year because of a month, when the year was loaded to the gills with awesome content and they did a great job of providing free benefits to their customers to show appreciation? Sony had a great year.

Clarence3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

What!!! So because criminals decided to hack Sony's network you would give them nothing more than a C. Your statement is ludicrous. The only thing worth mentioning about M$ was Gears 3. Clearly M$ lacked games for most the year. They deserve a C like nintendo.

YourCall3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Open your eyes guys, how could not see what DSI is saying.

If your banks called you in the morning and told your that all of your money was stolen due to a hacker, are you so forgiving then? Get your heads out of Sony's ass and use your brain.

Sony knew that they had security issues even before the hack and did nothing.

In addition, Sony delayed in telling people that their credit card and personal information may have been at risk. This could and still could have led to identity theft. Yet you clowns see nothing wrong with that.

Even the biggest sony fanboy should just keep quiet rather than supporting them on this matter.

I agree with DSI, they shouldn't get ANYTHING above a C after this fiasco. The saddest this is you blind fanboys disagreeing with DSI and agreeing with these obvious teenagers with obviously no resposibility or identities to steal.

plmkoh3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )


"If your banks called you in the morning and told your that all of your money was stolen due to a hacker, are you so forgiving then?"

Except not CC numbers were stolen, this has been confirmed. In fact this goes against your point that "money was stolen" and instead actually a commendable point for Sony.

"Sony knew that they had security issues even before the hack and did nothing. "

And you actually believe any other company will have fool-proof security systems? Give access to any degree whether high or low level and I bet you will find some level of systematic risk which is IMPOSSIBLE to plug up.

"In addition, Sony delayed in telling people that their credit card and personal information may have been at risk. This could and still could have led to identity theft. Yet you clowns see nothing wrong with that. "

Did the fact that the hack coincided with a weekend and public holiday not count for anything or are you just going start flailing your arms in the air all in the name of self-entitlement. AND YET in the end NOTHING HAPPENED no theft, no nothing, let's not go on some wild speculative goose chase here on what COULD'VE happened or WHAT IF, stick to the facts.

You know by now I would've thought that from the general pattern of hacks from recent cases of: Stratfor, Valve (Steam), Amazon, VISA... that people would've learnt a thing or two about how fragile systems are in general and that it takes much more than 10days to patch up and fully realise the extent of damage done.

Obviously, this is not evident given the comments here. It's not in defense of a company, it's being informed of the truth rather than believing the hateful popular opinion.

YourCall3262d ago

Wow, now that is one delusional pup!

Okay, dude you seem to have it all figured out.

I also love it how you think no money got stolen is a credit to something Sony did.

People like you scare me (that's people willing to defend and support a brand that don't know you, don't give a damn about you, and never will.

You go boy, I'm sure there are some cult leaders out there looking for guys like you to be followers...

Hopefully you'll land softly when the day comes that you fall flat on you

3XP3262d ago

@plmkoh - seriously are you that dumb. Do you really think that Sony is completely innocent in this matter? That the reason no money was stolen is because of something Sony did.

Perhaps the hackers themselves felt no need to take money and they simply wanted to expose sony's negligence.

I must agree with Yourcall about one thing, your blind loyality is both scary and stupid.

He used 3 links in his last comment and you managed to explain away all of them. Wow!

Imalwaysright3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

@ YourCall Dont worry when some of these kids get off their parents house and realize how hard it is to make a living theyll understand why Sony fucked up by not telling us immediately that our cc information could be at risk and by having security holes in their network and worst of all, fully knowing it. Sony understood much more than these fanboys and kids the seriousness of what had happened and did everything they could to make up for us. That should be a hint to all the fanboys but i never considered fanboys to be an intelligent group of people!

@ plmkoh "and instead actually a commendable point for Sony. " LMAO Sony did NOT know if our cc information was stolen! How is it a commendable point for Sony if they didnt know what they were doing?

"And you actually believe any other company will have fool-proof security systems? Give access to any degree whether high or low level and I bet you will find some level of systematic risk which is IMPOSSIBLE to plug up." Again LMAO. If Sony knew that they had security issues then they have to find a way to SOLVE them. Its not a matter of having full 100% network security but doing everything they can to to protect it. Sony was negligent.

"weekend and public holiday not count for anything or are you just going start flailing your arms in the air all in the name of self-entitlement." No if Sony didnt knew if our cc information was at risk then i would like the option to protect it myself sooner rather than later.

3XP3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

@Imalwaysright - Amen Brother!

Finally someone with some sense! Sometimes, I think these kids go against the grain just to be rebellious, there is no way they can be this stupid.

The crazy thing is those agreeing with them, simply to try and secure a victory for team Sony even though they know they are backing a foolish comment.

Bubbles Up

livinwitbias3261d ago

@Imalwaysright - Well Said, bubbles up sir!

insomnium23261d ago

@ circle jerking gang

NOTHING was stolen. NOTHING to shout about.

-"The 360's BC is around 75%. I know because I actually play the games."-Made in DK286K-

AtomicGerbil3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )


I'm in no way defending Sony, I agree they messed up, but in the end nothing of use was taken. If anything I would have thought VISA getting hacked would have been a bigger deal but that was virtually swept under the carpet.

With all the talk of 'what if' around here I suggest all the doom mongers remove all of their personal and financial information from the internet, because guess what? It's always at risk and there are ruthless companies out there that won't utter a word when their security is breached.

livinwitbias3261d ago

@Flatbattery - Actually, the conversation we into whether or not Sony was at fault because of the B+ grade given to them by this article.

With that being said, the underlying conversation along and they questioning of whether Sony knew they had issues even before the hack (whether something got stolen or not is not really the point in this conversation.)

So, from my point of view, with the Fiasco that had PSN for weeks, and Sony initially no knowing what was going on (at least not admitting it) make be have to agree with DSIs comment that they shouldn't have scored anything above a C for the year.

If you noticed when got home tonight that someone had been in your house, Even if nothing was missing, it should still put you on edge and have you very wiery of something happening again.

But, imagine how you would feel knowing that your landlord knew that he didn't get the key back from the last tennant and didn't change the locks; and never informed you of that.

Would that not raise concerns about your landlord? Probably a poor analogy, but one should easily be able to draw my point from it.

AtomicGerbil3261d ago


Which is why I agree that Sony messed up, but to extend on both mine and the point in question, you should be wary of everything on the net because let's face it, how much are we not told? Sony may well be the tip of a very large iceberg.

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Why o why3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

.4 difference and one released quality games all year not just the last quarter. Before the kinectimals sharpen their pitchforks I'm really NOT grading any kinect game on the same level as forza or reach so please leave it out

EasilyTheBest3262d ago

Dont you use Kinect with Forza then?
I do, it makes Forza even more amazing.

clrlite3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Are you the same multiaccount troll as 3XP and YourCall?

Looks like your only 3 agrees came from YourSelf.

Sony has more exclusives than MS and Nint combined, but you are trolling anyway. Thanks for giving us all a good laugh though, cheerz.

SpecialK3261d ago

I actually gave kinect a go with forza not long ago and whilst its definitely not recommended if your doing harder races or with assists turned off, its actually pretty fun.

I want to try the other kinect games they may not be "hardcore", but if its fun, why should anyone care?

Seems weird to me when someone tries to make a game seem less by calling it casual, if its fun who actually cares?

Why o why3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )


Not sure how long youve been on here as im typing this but the main reason the wii was bagged on for the majority of this gen by the harder members on n4g BOTH the ps AND 360 crowd was because of its gimmicky casual nature and Nintendos unreserved targeting of the casual gamer NOT its lack of fun. Noughts and crosses is fun but the harder type who used to dwell here on n4g used to crave core type games (im not a fan of the segregation). I said that Halo and Forza are not on the same level as 99% of the kinect games which are actually LESS responsive and less complex than most wii games. Im not saying they're arent fun im just saying my type of games are more complex ala gears, mass effect, oblivion, gt5, uncharted, infamous, killzone, alan wake NOT the casual stuff. Funny how things change

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Matrix2k3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

“With iPhones and iPads featuring hardcore games like Grand Theft Auto III, Infinity Blade 2, and Sonic CD, ”


sonic cd is the worst version of the game and considered broken, forgettable. Sonic generations on the 3ds is a real game

GTA 3 is considered unplayable with broken controls. Worst version of the game. The dedicated portables have better original gta’s

infinity 2 is just sucky garbage

FYI nintendo sold the most hardware and software this year. They deserve an A+ just for that

BrianShea3262d ago

The point of the article was to see what company made their systems the systems to have, not who sold the most. That factored in very little.

Matrix2k3262d ago

and the 3ds is the number 1 system worldwide I would say thats important

BrianShea3262d ago

And it did... hence Nintendo receiving the highest 2nd half grade. Wasn't enough to help the abysmal first half.

_Aarix_3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Dude shut up, until the vita comes out infinity blade cant be done on a handheld

Ive been enjoying gta 3 on my phone and the control are far from broken. If you think otherwise then your an idiot.

And sonic cd on the phone looks better than the sega version by far and on.

Next time you decide to call out "broken controls" actually play the freaking games ok? Mindless hate is retarded.

WiiStation_3603262d ago

Why grade consoles? It's just fanboy bait right there. All the consoles did great this year to their respective users/player-base. flame on! =P

Intentions3262d ago

Indeed. No need to take sides. All consoles are great, it is just ppl's preferences.