Proof that PS3 production has started in Japan & China.

Sony's FCC submission also includes the bottom label that will be attached to each console. The interesting bit however, is that there are two versions of the same sticker -- one for PlayStation 3 consoles manufactured by Sony in Japan and one for those manufactured in China by Asustek.

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Microsoft Master5854d ago

So where did i read that Ps3 was starting mass production at the end of this month? Labels prove nothing, photos of the factories with PS3's running along the conveyer belts is proof.

Marty83705853d ago

It proves that two factories have been producing PS3's.

Watapata5853d ago

While I very much hope you are right that PS3's are finally in production, those are pics of stickers...all that means is that Sony has those printed up and ready, that doesn't mean that any PS3's have come off the line yet.

Gh0stDrag0n5853d ago

I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you! Or how about some magic beans!