U.S. PlayStation Store Update - 12/27

US PS Blog: "Hi Everyone -
We say goodbye to 2011 with one last PlayStation Store update; just in time for those looking to warm the winter nights with some great content from PlayStation Network."

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CZUM3927d ago

Very poor... Waiting for tomorrow, for EU PSS Update.

Nitrowolf23927d ago

Lot's of games, but yea pretty small update I think. Really early to. Why can't they always be at this time

GhostofHorizon3927d ago

Perhaps that's exactly the reason it's early, because it's so small. To be expected though, holidays are here.

DasBunker3927d ago

why is this 650+ degrees? what was people expecting on this update lol?

irepbtown3926d ago

It is the last 2011 update, maybe some free content for everyone. Maybe some free PS One classics. Treat us to something, 2011 is over, we will die in 2012 according to crazy people.

NotSoSilentBob3927d ago

End of the year you expected more?

SilentNegotiator3927d ago

Of course. Because everyone is organizing releases and sales for two days after Christmas. lol

n4gisatroll3927d ago

It's a trash update. What's the point, should of just put all this last week. Seriously, whats the deal with all these bad updates?

Fel083927d ago

Very weak update. Hopefully next week it will be better.

BoNeSaW233927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

Motorstorm Apocalypse $60!? SONY GTFOOH!!

No one is gonna buy it for full price and now Sony just turned a lot of potential buyers away by overpricing digital PS3 games,again.

There is no Case,Manuals,Shipping Cost or Store Mark up. Shouldn't they start at most $50 bucks or $40? You can get it for $30-$40 in stores!

I will never purchase a game off PSN for more than $20.

Biggest3927d ago

The general idea of their pricing is fine. Paying "full" price for a game that can be shared makes sense. For example, you could buy Black Ops on the PSN (if you missed the many sales for it elsewhere) and share it with other PS3s. In my household that would be 3 people playing the same game for the single game price. MotorStorm is currently $5 or something crazy. No way in hell ANYONE should pay $60!

ShoryukenII3927d ago

You can no longer share with 4(5 people including you would have it). You can only share with 1(2 people including you). So one person out of your 3 would be left out. This only affects downloads after the November 20* update. But I get your point. Sony just took it out. :(

*I don't know if it is exactly Nov. 20. It could be Nov. 23. It is near that date though.

BoNeSaW233927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

I don't think SONY had "Game Sharing" in mind to justify the pricing on PSN.

The Download limit is now 2 per purchase which makes more sense than 5. 5 Downloads is what lead to game sharing to begin with. Now you can just replace your copy once if your PS3 dies or share it once and get to play your game at half price for a limited amount of time and have to buy it again when you replace your PS3 orrrr just buy it on disc and have it for a lifetime. I prefer the latter.

I think they are just trying to pull one over on uninformed consumers like Moms just buying what their kids tell them too.

ziggurcat3927d ago

@ ShoryukenII

to the best of my knowledge, all games purchased before the new policy still allows for you to have it on up to 5 systems. therefore if black ops was purchased prior to the new policy, Biggest would still be able to download and play it on the 3 different systems in his household.

Biggest3926d ago

Ouch! I didn't realize so many people were against game sharing. Even if the limit is 2, which is isn't for previously downloaded games, that is still better than one in my opinion. Game sharing may not have been Sony's intention, but I sure took advantage of it.

Sony didn't turn anyone away from any games. MotorStorm, and many other games for that matter, are full retail price. People that care to get those games can just as easily buy them elsewhere for much cheaper. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But I promise that every chance I get to buy a game at a discounted price (Thank you, PS+!) on PSN, I will. Even if I can only add the game to two consoles I will count it as a win.

theEx1Le3926d ago

Thats the problem tho, it was sonys intention. It was even an advertised feature in the beggining.

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Yui_Suzumiya3927d ago

MotorStorm: Apocalypse was just $5 at Best Buy!

Rainstorm813927d ago

wow i missed that, i just picked up RDR as a gift for 6$ at Best buy

Shane Kim3927d ago

You americans are lucky.

spacedelete3927d ago

were are the PS2 game releases on PSN gone ? its been months since the last PS2 game. come on I want to replay Vice City. please put Vice City on the PSN store. its the only game I need.

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