Forza Motorsport 4 January Jalopnik Car Pack

Yes friends, Forzalopnik is back! We're pleased to announce that the next car pack for Forza Motorsport 4 will be the January Jalopnik Pack, available for purchase and download on Xbox LIVE starting Tuesday, January 3rd. Here's are the ten cars and all the details.

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JellyJelly3461d ago

Great set of cars for the best driving sim out there! I especially like the Alfa Montreal.

Colonel_Dante3461d ago

best driving sim out there ;) *

IaussieGamer3461d ago

wow only 2 cars i would want out of that pack. Pass

iamgoatman3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

You can buy them individually y'know.

urwifeminder3461d ago

Sweet im waiting for a few more packs then ill buy them all in one hit.

Brixxer6003461d ago

I'll be getting these because i have the season pass , otherwise i'd probably pass them up.

BlmThug3461d ago

I have the Season Pass so Day 1 (!)