Jast USA / Jast Densetsu Release “My Girlfriend is the President”

My Girlfriend is the President is a multi-scenario love simulation game full of cute girls, hilarious parody, and touching romance. Players step into the shoes of Junichiro Honda, who wakes up one day to find that the world has been transformed by aliens into a bishoujo paradise where cuteness is the ultimate authority.

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CrescentFang4586d ago

I remember the trailer for this, it was narrated in English iirc!

Hicken4586d ago

I wish my girlfriend was the President...

LordLaguz4586d ago

Finally! the old translation had a fatal error/crash i believe. I will get this ASAP.

Reibooi4586d ago

I always thought the concept behind this VN looked pretty interesting so perhaps I will check it out. Haven't played any new VN in awhile so might as well.


The Massive JAST USA Summer Sale Begins

Ready for some summer fun and love? The JAST USA Summer Sale has you covered with dozens of VNs and eroge available up to 75% off

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[NSFW] JAST USA Announcements from Anime Expo 2017

JAST USA has announced two new titles at Anime Expo 2017. We take a look at what to expect from the publisher in the future.

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ErogeMaster2570d ago

Now these are games but they're too old.


JAST USA Releases Nympho Sensei Ryoko [NSFW]

"Nympho Sensei Ryoko is about a sexy teacher that wants the D, obviously NSFW.
JAST USA, publisher of erotic Japanese video games, has recently released it's latest title: Nympho Sensei Ryoko."

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OokuChicken2636d ago

Eroge stuff rarely makes it to consoles :0

SarcasticDuck2635d ago

what kind of games are this? it has sidescroll dialogue and nude pictures, does it have anything else than that?

Vits2635d ago

It's pretty much impossible for a eroge to hit the console market, as far as I know all the three manufacturers don't allow AO (adult only) games to be published on their platforms. So even if a eroge somehow manages to get a console release, you can be sure that it will be heavily censored.

OokuChicken2635d ago

@isashi pretty much reading and pictures, yeah. You'll usually get some options like dialogue choices and if the game is any deeper, you'll be bale to choose areas to visit. Think of like Phoenix Wright but with boobs.

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mt2634d ago

I am surprise why there are no adult games for consoles ?

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LinkageAX2636d ago

Oh yes my sons, some quality fap material here

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