Jast USA / Jast Densetsu Release “My Girlfriend is the President”

My Girlfriend is the President is a multi-scenario love simulation game full of cute girls, hilarious parody, and touching romance. Players step into the shoes of Junichiro Honda, who wakes up one day to find that the world has been transformed by aliens into a bishoujo paradise where cuteness is the ultimate authority.

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CrescentFang3927d ago

I remember the trailer for this, it was narrated in English iirc!

Hicken3927d ago

I wish my girlfriend was the President...

LordLaguz3927d ago

Finally! the old translation had a fatal error/crash i believe. I will get this ASAP.

Reibooi3927d ago

I always thought the concept behind this VN looked pretty interesting so perhaps I will check it out. Haven't played any new VN in awhile so might as well.