New Army Corps of Hell Screenshots

Set to arrive within the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) launch window early next year, Army Corps of Hell will be Square Enix’s first foray onto Sony Computer Entertainment’s new handheld system. An unusual turn for the developer, Army Corps of Hell is a real-time strategy videogame in which players directly command their forces against huge beasts.

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Square Enix’s King Of Hell Reduced To A Lowly Promotional Tool For Drakengard 3

The anti-hero, King of Hell, from the PlayStation Vita title Army Corps of Hell has been terrorizing Twitter since Square Enix’s Army Corps of Hell promotional campaign.

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sherimae24133982d ago

maybe he is good in pursuading consumers to buy SE's games,lol ^_^

Inception3982d ago

Haha, maybe. But Army Corps of Hell looks interesting though. Sadly i don't have Vita so i can't try it T_T

Btw, hopefully SE localize Drakengard 3 asap >.<


Army Corps of Hell crosses over with Picotto Knights

Viva la Vita: "PSVita exclusives crossing over with one another. Square Enix's launch title Army Corps of Hell is joining in on Gungho's Picotto Knights. The new collaboration, which begins on March 21st and ends on April 4th sees The King of Hell, and his goblin troops become a mission in which players can complete to unlock special items."

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Doom & Gloom For Handhelds?

Everywhere a person goes they see, “PlayStation Vita Is Dead.” Some variation seems to be touched upon all cross the web, and obviously it’s a headline that will certainly grab people, but is it actually true?

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miyamoto4298d ago

" I always find myself wishing they were on the PS3 instead."

Simple Solution:
Wired or Wireless Audio Video Out like on the PSP so we can enjoy Vita games on big or little screen.

Which is why its ridiculous for Sony not to include this functionality day one.

Come on Sony.

But then again its good to see PS Vita specific games like LBP Vita & Tearaway.

Gravity Rush 2 & Sonic the Hedgehog Vita can't come any sooner too! Ooh Yeeh!

Kanashimi4298d ago

I completely forgot to mention Gravity Rush. A sequel really seems necessary after the ending we were left with. There was so much unexplained.

I'd also like to see them make use of older games that might do better on the handheld. For example Folklore and Okami seem like two really ideal games for Vita, but such a prospect seems really slim. Oh well, a girl can hope.