Media Create hardware totals for November

Find out which system came out on top for the month of November in Japan.

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blaaah2489d ago

3DS dominated the hell out of the competition...

Matrix2k2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

its been that way for 6+ months now

lelo2play2489d ago

DAM !!! ... What a difference between American and Japanese numbers for November.

Prophet-Gamer2489d ago

Yep, probably because Japan is a much smaller market and iirc there is no black friday or thanksgiving over there.

clearelite2489d ago

I love it! All the people who wrote 3DS doom articles look like jackasses now. I can't say they don't deserve it though. Hopefully they will learn from their mistakes.

harrisk9542489d ago

The jury is still out on whether the 3DS will ultimately be a success or failure. Nintendo had to SLASH the price on the handheld for it to gain any traction whatsoever. These numbers are also skewed due to the holiday season. Plus, there was no competition from the Vita in November. To top it all off, Nintendo is BLEEDING RED right now as a company (yes, they made a gajillion dollars on the Wii, but this is the present, not the past) and are now losing money on every 3DS sold.

So, your statement is simply not true, although it may end up being so once a few business cycles have passed. For now, the 3DS is underperforming and Nintendo is taking a hit to its bottom line and its stock price.

Jobesy2489d ago

Where did you hear the 3DS is selling at a loss, that's news to me.

harrisk9542489d ago

For all those who disagreed, there are several reports, but the main one is from Bloomberg, the financial network.

browngamer412489d ago

Actually the 3ds did get some competition from the Vita and handily beat it down(sales actually picked up even more AFTER the Vita released) the price cut came in what August? Since the price cut it has PICKED up sales week on week worldwide...Both Mario games (and Zelda 3d)are all Multi -million sellers now..the 3ds just broke records for one week sells in Japan and some all time sells records(over Gamecube and selling faster than the Wii)- but hey let's give it a "few" more business cycles...

harrisk9542489d ago

This chart is for November and the Vita does not appear on the chart at all as it was not out in November. We do not yet know the 3DS numbers for December, although the Vita reportedly sold about 321,000 in its first 2 days.

ozstar2489d ago

I dk, i think Japan seems relatively convinced by the 4 million sales right now.

Sure, they're still nervous, but in terms of rolling confidence, it should work out well in the next 12 months.

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ozstar2489d ago

Mario 3D Land is the best 3D Mario game ever made imo.

It will sell 3DS Consoles for a long time.

BubloZX2489d ago

actually its not. and after I finish it I'm selling it ASAP