Pro Evolution Soccer 6 - Achievement List

The achievement list for the soccer game you've all been waiting for, Pro Evolution 6 has been revealed. There are 23 achievements with a total of 1000 points. You can get the points in both online and offline mode. Read more to view the complete list.

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trickytreepete5861d ago

lets hope they can get rid of the cheaters this time... how many times were you 30 seconds from victory in pes5 and the other person disconnects and you end up with no points deducted from there score.. yes you got the 3-0 automatic win but no points, please please please for god sake fix this this time!!! i ended up going from 13000 points to 200 after losing a few on the trot and then just as i was about to win some back, the cheating scumbag disconnects... totally ruined pes5 for me (still a great game for the non cheaters though!!)