Original Gamer Review - Hauppauge 1445 HD-PVR Gaming Edition

Original Gamer: "Hauppauge's HD PVR was widely used by gamers to record game footage because it was fairly easy to use and recorded in high definition. Unfortunately, it wasn't designed for recording gaming which caused it to have a few noticeable flaws. To rectify this, Hauppauge released a "Gaming Edition" of their PVR tweaked for gaming."

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Pentumsmart2487d ago

Ordered it yesterday. Not even sure if I can get it to work with my PS3 and surround sound system.

armycore2487d ago

If you check out the demo video, you'll see that the PS3 is recorded via component input. As for surround sound, it has optical input.

Pentumsmart2486d ago

yeah, but the HD PVR actually has optical input too. So ill connect the optical cable from the surround system to the TV and another one from the HD PVR to the PS3

xAlmostPro2487d ago

Don't be fooled too much by the 'gaming edition' video capture is the same quality, the visible difference with this is that the box is all black with a green light rather than black/silver with a blue light.

Also after a while this has the same errors and freezes the standard one has, not worth the extra money tbh.