5 Innovations important for the Success of Next-Gen Consoles

The Next-Gen Consoles,a much hyped topic these days. It might not come as a surprise to many of you that The Next-Gen consoles are 110% in development. So far,only announcement we’ve had is of Nintendo’s Wii U. One thing that I can confidently say is that Sony and Microsoft aren’t going to let Nintendo steal their customers. They know that the Wii U is something that’s going to give console gaming something new and better to offer.

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Blackdeath_6632540d ago

i belive the next gen is highly dependant on internet service and changing gaming into a social act rather than a thing you do alone.
i dont think motion sensing has if any effect on the success of either of the consoles if anything motion sensing is nothing more than an added bonus.
im suprised price wasnt mentioned. times are hard for everyone so providing a cheaper entertainerment system maybe key to next gen.
one thing thats crucial is having a console that actually WORKS.a repeat of this years hardware failure will be damn right stupid.

GraveLord2540d ago

Price shouldn't be an issue. It should be like $400 max though!

Besides a cheap console at launch will mean it won't last too long.....just look at the Wii. Its lack of power resulted in a lack of big AAA games.

death2smoochie2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Yet the Wii with all that "less power" sold more units than the PS3 and Xbox360 almost combined.
Moreover, look at the console history of gaming and what you will find is NOT ONE SINGLE CONSOLE SYSTEM that was deemed the most powerful for it's generation "won" its respective console generation. Not a SINGLE ONE.

Power is not what makes consumers buy consoles. It's a combination of GAMES and PRICE.
Fro the Atari 2600 all the way until now, the console with the most "power" never wins their console generation.

ApplEaglElephant2539d ago

I know that is too much to expect from MS, but people buy gaming consoles for games. If there are less games, they will get something else.

MS will try to make casual shovelware kinect as selling point. Not hardcore games.

which is just sad how MS abandoned us hardcore gamers.

darthv722539d ago

Not many people know about that little piece of history. So far each gen has been about the same with the most popular NOT being the most powerful.

It really comes down to the games. i was always a believer of quality over quantity but in regards to the statistics of sell through....its all about the quantity of games available.

Case in point, the ps1 and ps2 sold the most in their respected gens on the basis of so many games available to any and every type of gamer. Yes there were lots of quality titles but the sheer quantity of titles overall outweighed the number of quality titles.

Same could be said about the 2600 or the NES, etc. The wii sold because it had games for every type of gamer. That may not be what the core want to hear but its true. I dont think nintendo will have the same results with the Wii-u. I really dont.

I dont even think MS will have nearly the popularity with their next system like they did with the 360. Its just one of those things where people will question why do they need it if what they have is satisfying. The core gamers will jump on board without question but the number of casuals outnumber the core by a great margin.

It will be interesting to see. Perhaps this will be the gen of the portable. Convenience has its perks and playing console quality games on the go may be to hard to pass up for a regular console. We'll just have to wait and see.

miyamoto2539d ago


Your "least powerful console is the winner" principle is simply flawed & not true. SNES was more powerful than Sega Genesis in every technical standpoint point and software support.
Power & price are relative as rival systems have pros & cons. Only a Sith deals with absolutes,
Try formulating a flawless formula next time.

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Thatguy-3102540d ago

Many people shifting to pc gaming ? O.o when did that happen?

Jio2540d ago

Yeah, even I shifted to PC gaming.

SweatyFlorida2540d ago

Since Battlefield 3 came out.

Intentions2540d ago

Cos PC gaming is the best? It was dominant before consoles even existed.

vortis2540d ago

I did and a lot of other gamers I know did, too. By the end of 2010 PC gaming parts started getting really cheap and throughout 2011 they became absolutely dirt cheap.

It's hard to game on consoles now when there's a multiplatform title, the visual gap is pretty big now.

DaReapa2540d ago

@ Jio

So did I. And am receiving more than my fair share with my PS3/PC combo.

aquamala2540d ago

Pretty big gap between pc and consoles now, and th gap will get bigger and bigger til next gen consoles are out. If you have a gaming pc why would you get bf3 or skyrim on consoles?

specialguest2540d ago

I shifted to PC gaming during 2001 and missed out on a lot of great PS2 classics. I'm never doing that again. Instead, I'll just play on all platforms.

Vega752540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I've shifted back to PC gaming. Actually I have been moving more and more from consoles each year since steam started. But whenever I'm not playing on my PC then I might play on my 360 with friends on live. I want to see what MS does with the next box before I buy anymore console again

Gawdl3y2540d ago

I switched to PC Gaming not too long ago. I still keep my PS3 around for its exclusives, but I'm largely a PC player.

TBM2539d ago

I only game on consoles, i don't get hung up on all that nonsense about what runs/perform/looks better. as long as the developers do a reasonable job optimizing the games on consoles im good its just more comfortable for me.

i can understand those that have switched though.

xtreampro2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I shifted to PC gaming just a few months ago and others have done the same in the past 2 years, however I do plan on keeping my PS3 until the PS4 comes out.

From there on it'll be a PS4/PC combo for me, but that's only if the PS4 has any good exclusives to offer because everything this gen has been rubbish apart from Killzone 2, Resistance:FOM, R&C:TOD, Uncharted:DF, MGS4 & Burnout Paradise.

The only reason I still have a PS3 is because of FFvs13 & KH3, but throughout the years my PS3 has spent most of it's time switched off.

If the PS4's anything like the PS2 in terms of exclusive games then I'll buy it.

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JellyJelly2540d ago

As long as I get another Demons/Dark Souls game I'm in.

Matrix2k2540d ago

None of those things are important funnily enough

darkequitus2540d ago

NO innovations on that list. The article should have been title 5 improvements.

jacksonmichael2540d ago

Yeah. Backwards compatibility is by no means an innovation. It'd be great, though.

Matrix2k2540d ago

I mean graphics? really? That doesnt help a system sell nor does it make games better

undercovrr2540d ago

So you'd rather pay $400 for a new console that has the same graphics? In that case, I suggest playing Gameboy, there are some really good games still out there. You can leave next gen for the rest of us.

Matrix2k2540d ago

Sure why not as long as the games are fun

Graphics doesnt help a system sell, thats a fact
graphics doesnt help a bad game be better, thats a fact
graphics doesnt help a good game be better

They increase dev costs, decrease originality, and generally make a game not make profit

Rageanitus2540d ago

IMO graphics and immersion have always been a key factor in every generation. Although we keep hearing game play is much more "important" vs graphics it is funny how the heated fanboy comments always come down to graphics for some reason... Why because it is just as important as gameplay..

All I can say if it wasn't for the cinemetic immersion and graphics found in games like uncharted we would just have another platformer with tomb raider elements.

Hicken2540d ago

That's because even if your game sucks, you can still harp on how good the game looks. And, at some point in time, graphics became synonymous with the power of a system; therefore, if your games have better graphics, your system is more powerful, which makes it better than the other systems.

Theo11302540d ago

The most important thing to me will be the amount of destructible evironment that will be possible. I was playing Saint's Row: The thrid, and as I was having fun with the tank, but each time I shot a shell at a house or building and it did nothing was a constant reminder of how dated the consoles are now.

rattletop2540d ago

agreed. graphics doesn't need to improve much next-gen but the physics definitely need to get better. both environments and characters(hair and cloth).

JBaby3432540d ago

I agree that I would like to see more realistic environments and physics. Battlefield BC 1 & 2, Battlefield 3, Red Faction: Guerrilla, and Force Unleashed 1 & 2 are all steps in the right direction but realistic physics and environmental effects need to be explored further. I want a fully-DMM-integrated game.

vortis2540d ago

Totally agreed.

Graphics do play a big factor in gameplay, which is why alot of people were looking forward to Battlefield 3.

I just hope MS and Sony don't copout and give us systems with at least 4GB of RAM so we can have streets fully littered with debris.

Just Cause 2 was fun for a little while just until everytime something blew up it faded away in like 3.2 seconds.

JBaby3432540d ago

^^ But blowing stuff up in Just Cause 2 was always enjoyable. The explosions in that game were really well done with visible shock waves propogating. You're right though debris makes a huge difference. Try playing Force Unleashed games and see how quickly all the stuff disappears.

yabhero2540d ago

I just want people to understand... consoles are not pcs. They don't need 4 GB or RAM. the standard that WiiU is setting is good. 1-2 GB of fast GDDR5 ram. PC's have 4-8GB because they are running OS and other programs and pulling files from different places and whatnot. Consoel dont have to do that.

RevXM2540d ago


Dont need? seriously every console generation have had too little ram, there is no harm to have plenty since RAM is so cheap and besides you dont know what you will want to do in the future that may require a lot of ram.

Consoles are not pc's but even for a next gen console EVEN 4 GB would be tiny IMO.

Consoles will be more like pc's next time around, They will be required to handle multitasking and they will be running heavier OS's than they do today. (ofc it will still be way lighter than windows and the games wouldn't suffer from Overhead like pc games do)

Most pc games use 2-3,5 GB RAM of the main ram, because the games are designed for 32 bit system if devs allowed themselfes to require more there virtually wouldnt need to be any low res textures anywhere and physics and footprint memory would improve as well by going from 3 to 6 Gb. I think next gen consoles should have 12 GB of ram or more just because they need more, will need more and its cheap.

A console is supposed to be around for some years and when devs start moving to 64 bit then we will see much better visuals.

scotchmouth2539d ago


I am glad you aren't at the helm of designing the next system. 1-2gb ram in 2012 or 2013 on a console that should take us into 2020 would be sadly behind the times.

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BlmThug2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

+1. In SR3 their were very few destructible items. Mercenaries 2 was an amazing game which didnt have amazing visuals but the destruction was awesome. Nuclear bunker buster FTW :D

JBaby3432539d ago

Agreed. Mercenaries 2 was certainly ugly but just like the 1st game there was plenty of destruction to be had.

Godmars2902540d ago

1) More reliable if not better looking graphics and effects. Far too many examples of overly buggy titles with frame rate issues and tearing.

2) Consistent media support. The first 360's DVD drive was noisy as vacuum while the PS3's web browser can't run Youtube directly much less dozens of sites it could when it first came out.

3) Screw motion control. Especially as a standard, built in feature.

Blackdeath_6632540d ago

agree on third point motion sensing as standard will only increase the price and only appeals to a minor subset of gamers

bozebo2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Yeah, included motion control would raise the cost and most of us don't want it.
Edit: fail that was already said lol