Nintendo releases Swapnote application for Nintendo 3DS and it's tons of fun

GameDynamo - "Swapnote lets you create handwritten notes and then share them with other Swapnote users on your friend list. You can send notes to friends nearby using the StreetPass feature or use the SpotPass feature to send them to people around the globe. Spend Play Coins to unlock new features and personalize messages even further by changing stationery patterns, attaching photos and sound recordings, or writing and drawing in 3D"

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Shnazzyone2540d ago

It's amazing. Nintendo releases a entertaining and unique method to freely communicate with friends and organize things and noone is even talking about it. Been doodling comics and goofy stuff for my friends for days. Plus the slow unlocking is a clever way to assure only folks 18 and over can communicate so the stupid parental groups can't say crap. It's about damn time nintendo gamers got this feature.