Amazing price on Batman: Arkham City for PC

Green Man Gaming just released a coupon, JOLLY-BRUCE-WAYNE, that gives a whopping 60% discount on Batman: Arkham City for PC.

After the discount, the price comes to just $17.75. I haven't heard of a better deal, anywhere.

Scoop it up while you can.


EDIT: CODE HAS EXPIRED. I posted this yesterday, the minute the deal went live. There was apparently a problem with the picture I uploaded, so it didn't get approved until today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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nachokingp2491d ago

Code doesn't work any more, must have killed it.

Mutley4162491d ago

gotta get this game. and Duex Ex still....ugg but swotor!!!

theeg2491d ago

got it free from nvidia:)

awesomest version, blows the other versions out the water!

gamernova2491d ago

I heard this game is terrible on PC. Can anyone confirm?

Moragami2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

The game is very playable and beautiful on PC, yet it still has some issues.

Dx11 still doesn't seem to work properly for most, and the biggest current issue is that the game can love your saved game, at random, without warning. So if you're trying to get all the Riddler challenges, the game could make you insane.

I played over 35 hours before my saved game magically disappeared.

Buy it now at that price, but I'm not playing again till this shit is patched.

I bought Skyrim during the Steam sale this week, I've pretty much forgotten about every other game at this point except for BF3.