3DS outsells lifetime GameCube sales, sold faster than Wii

We now know of 3DS's latest sales figures, but did you know that 3DS's lifetime sales have just overtaken those of the Nintendo GameCube in Japan? Furthermore, it reached this sales figure faster than the mighty Wii in Japan. Hit the link to see the numbers.

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fluffydelusions2492d ago

lol...GC was a dark time for Nintendo.

ape0072492d ago

i find it ironic that the dark times got better games overall

Optical_Matrix2492d ago

Better than the PS2? I loved my Gamecube but that's bullsh*t and you know it.

ape0072492d ago

what?? who said that, ps2 is perhaps the greatest console ever along with N64 imo

i said that the quality of games on gamecube is much higher than the WII

dvfaa2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

To be fair to the matrix your wording makes it seem like you were talking about all systems

A7XEric2492d ago

The PS2 probably did more for gaming than the Gamecube did, but the GCN was a more powerful system and as usual with Nintendo, had quality exclusives that their competitors could rarely match. Hell even this year, there's not a single exclusive on any HD machine I'd rather have over Skyward Sword.

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disgaeapuchi2492d ago

Indeed, it was amazing how 3DS has outsold GameCube in just over 9 months, wouldn't have predicted it a few months ago when everyone was in doom and gloom mode!

clearelite2492d ago

This should be a lesson for people to not listen to the opinions of biased journalists and bloggers and put the facts together for themselves. They said the same thing about the PS3 and they were wrong, then they did it again and people fell for it AGAIN. People really need to stop being so gullible and think for themselves.

I just got my 3DS last week and will be picking up a Vita next week. All the haters will eat their words.

EcoSos32492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Thats really good now capcom cant say there's no support for it like they said with megaman.

yog-sothot2492d ago

I had no idea the gamecube sold so poorly !

_Aarix_2492d ago

I loved my gamecube. I played mario party 7 for 17 hours straight with my friend when I was little. I camt believe its only $30 rught now.

maniacmayhem2492d ago

I thought the n64 was worse than the gamecube.
At least the GC had Resident Evil 4, Double Dash and...uuum......

Well anyways here's hoping the WiiU returns to the glory of the SNES days.

TheDivine2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Gamecube had twin snakes, re remake, metroid prime 1/2, eternal darkness, wind waker, tales of symphonia, baten kaidos, and a bunch of good games. It didnt have as much as the ps2 but they were quality titles. I loved it to death, great system.

I think the 3ds will be something special. It already has the best mario kart ever, mario land, zelda oot remake, and has a bunch of good stuff coming from snake eater, kingdom hearts, to mh tri g and mh4. Forgotten franchises like luigis mansion and kid icarus and new ip's. The ds had one of the best librarys ever but the graphics werent too great. resident evil revelations and mh tri g look so damn amazing i cant believe theyre a 3ds games. All the doom and gloom for the 3ds (and vita hate) was/is rediculous. I think the wii-u could bring nin back to hardcore status with fans. The wii was the only weak system they ever made and now they are getting better support so im remaining cautiously optimistic.

The only problem with the 3ds is nin stubbornly left out a second circle pad. They need a new model quick before a ton of people adopt one. I have one but would gladly trade up and pay extra for the new model.

killasder2492d ago

$80 price cut in 6 mths... thats all...

Matrix2k2492d ago

your pretending like that means anything. The ds also got a price cut

killasder2492d ago

lol dont mind me.. i actually have my 3ds n love playin it... jus havin some trollin fun...

forevercloud30002492d ago

Killasder has a point. Large price cuts(around $100) usually incite massive sales of about 300% for at least a few months. For every dollar dropped is a door opening to another consumer looking to purchase the hardware but not as much money to spend. This is true for all consoles. These types of price drops usually instigate a big surge then level out again until next drop.

kevnb2492d ago

maybe it was done on purpose. Nintendo is often almost apple like in marketing.

AdvanceWarsSgt2491d ago

The price cuts would be a legitimate point if it weren't for the fact that even after the price cuts in Aug. the 3DS still wasn't selling like it is now.

It is no coincidence that once games started coming out, the system is selling like gangbusters. Because, as always, games, not hardware, sell hardware.

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