SNES Becomes Portable (20 years later)

Hyperkin has just released a portable Super Nintendo (SNES) which should have been released 20 years ago

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RedDead2540d ago

Eh? My Psp has a snes on it

NeXXXuS2540d ago

Gameboy Advance had Super Nintendo games on it, and NES games too.

D3mons0ul2540d ago

Something that was a big deal 20 years ago can now be condensed into a simple application that takes up a couple of mbs.

young juice2540d ago

makes you wonder what its gonna be like 20 years from now.

blumatt2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Yep. Portable PS4? lol It could happen. Of course, I'm sure that's probably what the PSP 3 will be. haha

I just hope the PlayStation 5 will BE the PSP3 and vice versa. What I mean by that is that I hope you can simply buy the PS5 and it have a screen and be portable, but then when you get home, you can just hook it up to the TV and sync your controllers to it via bluetooth/IR and play your games on the big screen. That would make life so much simpler.

ndl15312540d ago

yup the gba is like a portable snes and i still play mine regularly . got a gba sp and a micro . i love my micro its soo tiny hehe got all the oldschool games like zelda link to the past also the minish cap and metroid fusion and zero mission plus ff6 and a butload of others . thats one reason i still love my gba its oldschool goodness . still own a 3ds and eagerly awaiting the ps vita . ive always have had a love for handhelds since i got my first original gameboy in 1989 ooooh the memories .

kcuthbertson2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I keep my sp in my back pocket almost all the time haha. That thing has killer battery life.

Handhelds are my favorite too..Idk why?