blipREVIEW: Start the Party! Save the World (PS3/Move)

Gamesblip writes: An open letter to all world domination-crazed noodniks: Give it up. It’s not going to work, no matter how many snowy-white pussies you stroke, or frickin’ laser beams that you fasten to shark heads. Your quest will fail, because somewhere along the line you’re gonna do something really f*cking stupid. Like play this game...

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LettingGo2489d ago

Fun game. The first one was also. No idea why someone would dislike it.

BitbyDeath2489d ago

Move games are generally given low scores for no reason. Likely due to fanboyism.

I've found that it is better to ignore the Move reviews and try the games out for yourself instead.

gamesblip2489d ago

Not necessarily Bitby, if you look through my site you'll see many quite high ratings given to Move games, most recently Carnival Island and House of the Dead. Personally, however, I found this second 'Start the Party!' offering lacking, and rated it accordingly. It is, after all, only my opinion, as is any review. :)

OtakuStudy2489d ago

I can confirm the comments made by gamesblip... I reviewed Start the Party! Save the World! alongside Carnival Island, Medieval Moves, Eyepet and Friends and After Hours Athlete... and in comparison to the other three, Start the Party was the one lacking for me...