Hideo Kojima remembers Metal Gear Solid 1

“It was a very pure experience,” says Kojima of the game that sparked his PlayStation love affair. “I was just making the game I wanted to make."

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DonaldBeck2585d ago

easily my top 5 gaming moments in my entire history of gaming, the others being ocarina of time, uncharted 2, demons souls, mario brothers and resident evil nemesis.

buddymagoo2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

It will always remain my best gaming experience ever.SPOILERS Getting the codec calls, The smoking to reveal lasers, Knocking on walls to catch enemys, Sniper wolf, Switching controller ports to defeat Mantis, The lift moment, Grey Fox, Hiding in a box, it was all just incredible and like nothing I have experienced before or after.

gaffyh2584d ago

@buddy - Yeah, for a PS1 game, it was amazing. I still think it is one of the best games ever made, and I hope they remake it one day.

Snookies122584d ago

Actually they did remake it, Twin Snakes on Gamecube. However, there are some things that they redid which killed my experience of it. The main two I found was that they changed Grey Fox's voice actor as well as changing the boss music... Why change such amazing music!? Especially to something that barely sounds like music. Anyway yes, MGS1 was amazing, it was beyond amazing. I doubt a game will impact me as much as that one did back in the day ever again.

gaffyh2584d ago

Yeah, I mean like what they did with Shadow Moses Island on MGS4. Twin Snakes kinda ruined it because they changed a lot. When they remake stuff, they should keep everything the same other than the graphics and maybe some gameplay mechanics.

cee7732584d ago

that double cd case is legend

antz11042584d ago

@ Buddy,

Lol don't forget the ketchup bottle in the cell. Very classic!

ProjectVulcan2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

This is also the greatest gaming experience i have ever had, the most impactful. Nothing before or since has changed the way i imagine a videogame could be as much as Metal Gear Solid played on a Playstation with a Dual shock.

The game was quite short but i didn't care, i could play and watch it over and over and i did, completing it dozens of times over the years. The start hit you like a movie. As soon as you saw the credits rolling over the top of the opening as you began to play it you knew you had something special.

Every single boss battle- EVERY ONE was a complete classic and unique. How many games can claim that? It was constantly breaking the fourth wall and speaking out to YOU, the player. All the controller trickery, memory card reading and box codec frequencies.... It was a game, that knew it was game, but still delivered deep immersion.

The sound and music could not have been more perfect (i have the soundtrack there is just not enough superlatives for it), the voice acting and casting was spot on. This was ONLY possible because of sony's gamble on the the CD format. The translation and localisation thanks to Jeremy Blaustein was immaculate- this was at a time some Japanese titles were notoriously poor at this important aspect.

Production values were immense- did you see many glitches? It was a labour of love and polished to perfection. Visually the game was so superb for the time even the cut scenes worked with the in game engine.

The atmosphere really topped the whole lot off, you could easily believe you were sent to this island alone full of lunatics and that feeling of isolation ebbed and flowed thanks to the association particularly with Meryl- added to the eerie wolf encounters and ghostly frozen exteriors.

Really you could write a book on this one game thoroughly exploring every fine detail and the impact they have. There is just too much to talk about.

But really even with all these components the game was truly more than the sum of these extraordinary parts- this is the game that always makes me secure knowing games CAN be art.

Shane Kim2584d ago

Vulcan summed it up perfectly. MGS series (and MGS1 in particular imo) are THE best games ever created, and it's not just my opinion, it is FACTS!

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hiredhelp2585d ago

Hard to forget one most classic games ever.

Batzi2585d ago

yet it is easy to forget most of the crap that was released this generation. I miss the PS1 days when we didn't have to worry about the graphics and enjoy good gameplay and awesome storytelling.

StrongMan2585d ago

Back then there was also no group of people trying their hardest to convince you that if the game didn't sell 3 million week one then that game was not good and didn't matter.

hay2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

MGS visuals were stunning at the time. It was one of it's attributes and part of the reason why we love this game now.

'Cause it was all-around fantastic experience.

BlmThug2585d ago

Salut to that. Today we live in an age where innovation is out the window and in its place is cash whores.

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dirthurts2585d ago

This is one of my favorite games ever. Something about it, just so great.
Twin Snakes was great for the Gamecube. I wish they would remake the original. It's totally doable with enough effort.

ape0072585d ago

Twin snakes.....awesomeness

NBT912585d ago

Shadow Moses was in MGS4, so I would agree. However, the interior settings of it such as the Nuke Storage Building felt very cramped considering the rest of the game was outside in the open.

Thats my concern, if it were remade it would be extremely short and the playing areas would be extremely small. I think a remake would taint the game tbh with you, Twin Snakes very nearly did already.

dirthurts2585d ago

You could always add more areas to the game. As long as the core elements were intact, some extra content wouldn't hurt. Although it wouldn't be completely true to the original, I wouldn't complain about the extra content. I personally liked the cramped spaces. It felt more intense and strategic. At least to me.

DW742584d ago

Thing is, it *was* extremely short. I bought the game back in 98, played through it all on a Saturday marathon, and returned it on Sunday. That was back when Electronics Boutique allowed returns no questions asked.

I enjoyed it a lot, but a criticism I would levy against it would be it's length. It didn't feel worth $50 for one day's play.

(since re-bought it on PSN, hehe)

TheDivine2585d ago

Loved twin snakes to death. Still really dissapointed it wasnt in the hd collection, that 2 and 3 fit together like a trilogy for me. Id die for it to be ported to the 3ds like snake eater.

Mgs was way ahead of its time and still looks and plays perfectly especially on psp. I go back and replay the series every now and then, right now im on mgs4 again.

ape0072585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

what a shocking game at its time, u almost never find games that as shocking in modern day gaming, I think video games in general kinda hit a plateau in terms shock value and innovation, we moved from 2D to 3D and then from 3D to better 3D(still fresh), then to HD\online\motion integration and the next step is.........???? nobody knows but i don't think that will ever come games as shocking as mgs1, mario 64, resi1, halo 1, gta3, zelda oot etc...... ever

and I hope im wrong

roadkillers2585d ago

Bioshock was pretty shocking (no pun intended... Seriously)

I think the next step is just immersion like Half-Life and Bioshock provide.

ape0072584d ago

agreed, we got shocking games this gen like bioshock, gears 1, gta 4, mgs 4, GRAW etc......

LettingGo2585d ago

I've never liked that phrase.

Maybe "Hideo Kojima reminisces about Metal Gear Solid"?

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