42 Ways to Die in Saints Row 3

The below video illustrates how exactly that’s the case, as it shows 42 different ways you can kill bystanders in the game. They range from the simple, “shot,” to the epic “LAZORS!” to the unnerving, “dildo bat” and there’s a particularly fun one all the way at the end.

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NobleRed2584d ago

Great game enjoyed it more than GTA IV.

Tanir2584d ago

me too, tons more than gta4. why? cuz its actually fun and doesnt try to be serious, gta4 tried to hard, and removed everything thatw as fun, like the military, parachutes (gay tony doesnt count), the comedy, crazy weapons etc. GTA4 thinks its story is good lol. SR3 is just so much fun

cee7732584d ago

this game sucks on ps3 the lack of custom soundtrack just kills my experience

r212584d ago

this video you see right the video that firmly convinced me to buy this game.
did i regret this decision...NOPE! :D