Origin's 50% off Store Wide All Week Starts Today

Daily Game Sales "Origin has lifted it's Christmas spirit and is offering 50% off store wide from today (Both Boxed and PCDD Versions)

The sale will run from Boxing day all the way though until December 31st.

Origin are also offering free shipping on orders over $39.99 or more.
Titles including Battlefield 3, Need for Speed: The Run and a whole lot more are being reduced.

All items above $39.99 will receive free shipping in the US."

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FlashXIII2540d ago

Origin is such a failure. 50% off what exactly? Loading up the website doesn't exactly bring up many 50% off offers unless you buy one game then get 50% off another. Ofcourse this could be just because I'm from the UK but that's no excuse in this day and age.

Steam on the other hand shows it's latest offers which are 75% off in an easy to view manner and has a far larger catalogue to choose from.

Newsman2540d ago

According to Origin US the 50% off Store wide sale starts at approx. 9.00am. They do not like the midnight changeover. UK is as stated. Asia and Australia are 50% off storewide also. I have updated the article and added the promo image(only small).

Pikajew2540d ago

They want to beat Steam but dont do the same prices

STONEY42540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

*Looks at Steam where majority of games are 75% off, $5 and under*

Uhh... Yeah. Origin's sale is AMAZING. Steam should go out of business. That'll teach them how much better EA is.