Chris Jericho Tweets He'll Never Be In A WWE Game Ever Again

Chris Jericho responded to a fan's tweet saying he will be in WWE '13. Mr Jericho said he will never be in a WWE game again...

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FlareDReborn2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

(Y)ear 2012
(2)nd day

Urrakia342515d ago

You seriously don't know who Chris Jericho is?! You must have only recently gotten in to wrestling or you're too young to have experienced the greatness of the WWF and WCW.

ironfist922515d ago



I'm not into wrestling. Age has nothing to do with it.

DasTier2514d ago

@ironfist92 why bother commenting on WWE related article if your not into wrestling?

Ricardoportillo042514d ago

you know wwe and those things are fake right?

Alabaster2514d ago

@codename2194 Hence the ENTERTAINMENT part of WWE.

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spacedelete2515d ago

if you don't know who he is then why bother asking ? just trying to troll i think.

Drake1172514d ago

I think the comment was more about why the f this is top news on n4g. WWF and WWE is complete fake and utter garbage not sure why any one cares about this trailer trash crap. Seriously any one that watches this crap past the age of 5 needs to grow up or get a life.

2515d ago
belal2515d ago

wwe hasn't been good since the first wwe smackdown vs raw... Why do they have to make this realistic :( i liked it being unrealistic.

49erguy2515d ago

Yeah the "unrealistic-ness" of Here Comes the Pain made me buy a PS2 again just for it. Still one of the best games ever made to me. BTW Smackdown vs Raw 2006 OBLITERATES the first SD vs Raw in every way.

D3mons0ul2515d ago

WWE hasn't been good since it's been called the WWE.

49erguy2515d ago

For the most part, yeah, but Eddie Guerrero took over after the name change and looked to lead the company into a new era. Gone too soon. RIP Eddie.

Rainstorm812515d ago

I dont know about that, WWF Wrestlemania 2000 was great

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