Sony "Play Days" Prices Leaked; Headset $50

AnalogHype brings you the first look at the prices that Sony will be offering their discounted PS3 accessories for their sale that runs from 12-26 to 1/21/12

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n4gisatroll2491d ago

The stereo headset is def worth it at 50. I bought it at 100 and its worth it to me. I might get another one for my girl.

remanutd552491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

its only 10 % off , $89.99

edit: at kulex47 target has them at $79.99

kulex472491d ago

That's what I've been seeing at EVERY retailer as well so far. I want my $50 headset...

Anon19742491d ago

That's what I'm seeing too. My wife bought me one for Christmas, but everyone's sale prices are only $10 off, $89.99.

Larry L2491d ago

Well the sale starts today, so if you got it for Christmas you wouldn't get that price since it was bought before. Or, if you went and bought it today for $80, bring it back and tell them to give you your $30 back.

For me, I'm going to take advantage of this deal tonight or tomorrow. I've been dying to get a good wireless USB headset since the PS2 days but they were always too expensive. I'll be damned before I pay $100 for a headset. I wouldn't even pay 80 or 70. Probably not even 60. I buy stuff I want but I'm also broke and therefore have to be a cheap arse. But $50 for one of the best wireless USB headsets you can get? Yeah, even I'll pay that.

Quick question for anyone who already has this headset. Does the game's audio go through the headset straight from the USB? Or do I have to use the old PS2 style connector to plug in through those RCA jacks and enable the dual adio function?

GrandTheftZamboni2491d ago

@Larry L

You just plug in a USB dongle that is actually a blue tooth radio which sends audio directly to the headphones. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to turn them on (I should have read the manual:). You need to hold the top of the left panel on the headphones for couple of seconds. There are three dots that you can feel in the dark. Same to turn them off.

DFogz2491d ago

@Anyone looking for the $50 pairs, try your local stores instead of online. GameStop near me had them at $50

Insomnia_842491d ago

LOL same thing happened to me! I was going to return it because thought it was broken lmao ...THEN I READ THE MANUAL.

Larry L2490d ago

I went to Gamestop, Best Buy and Target and couldn't get this deal at any of them. They all said it's $89.99. So IDK what's going on with this supposed deal. Every store all pointed that the Play Days sign and said $89.99 please. So I passed. I guess I'm out of luck unless I can bring in an advertisment saying $50.

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DarkTower8052491d ago

$50 is a steal. I got mine for $65 when Amazon had them on sale, use then all the time.

ReservoirDog3162491d ago

Haha, yeah I got them when they were $65 from amazon too. They're so worth it. Use them every night.

jwk942491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I got mine from GameStop for $50 guys, i'll upload the receipt as proof.

EDIT: Receipt uploaded

showtimefolks2491d ago

when i click on gamestop it still shows 89.99 what gives?

TBM2491d ago

my brother is picking me up one as a late xmas gift lol.

Tommy3342491d ago

Could someone help me find a Navigation controller under $19.99 please post or send me a link

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JoeReno2491d ago

Great deals, too bad I bought all this stuff already.

LeXxXiNgToN2491d ago

So is the headset 49.99 or not? all the online stores have it listed at 89.99+ as of right now.

kingPoS2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

If it was a value at $99 it's a steal at $50. I use them a lot on my pc & ps3. It even works on win XP with simple plug & play.

If you hate to see wires dangling about, get this sony wireless headset then. The range seemed (to me) in excess of 30 feet despite WIFI & 6ghz cordless phones.

The sound quality even made me put down my skull candy titan's (nylon ver) and are very comfortible.

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