Gamespot: San Fransisco PS Vita Impressions

Gamespot: "We stand outside The Apple Store and GameStop in downtown San Francisco to give some holiday shoppers a taste of the PS Vita."

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mascia4295d ago

Cool, great exposure for the Vita. Many people really seem to like it. It's a very quality product that just needs quality marketing and games to back it up. Vita + Good Marketing + great games = BIG HIT


Best PS Vita Games – 19 Must-Play PlayStation Vita Titles In 2019

PlayStation Universe takes a look at the best PS Vita titles.

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World Of Final Fantasy battle system guide: How to unlock every champion

Fenix Bazaar writes: World Of Final Fantasy offers a varied and diverse battle system. Battles can occur at almost any time, and under any circumstance: understand and knowing how to respond in a variety of different situations is certainly going to help you on your journey.

Random encounters are generally the most common types of battles you’ll come across, and these normally happen when you take on the challenge of exploring a dungeon. You’ve also got to be prepared for the occasional boss battle!

The best thing about World Of Final Fantasy is the randomness of the experience, and the combat screen can pop up and thrust you into battle when you least expect. That’s why you need to be prepared before jumping in.

Before we get into how you can unlock every Champion, let’s take a look at battle basics.

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Game Maker Thanks Reddit Pirates for Attention, Offers Discounts

PM Studios, the developers behind the popular PlayStation Vita game SUPERBEAT XONiC, made quite a few new friends over the weekend. After finding out that links to cracked versions of their game were widely shared on Reddit they 'thanked' the pirates for their interest, offering a discount on top.

gamergreg172556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Pirating the game these days is pretty much the demo version

guywazeldatatt2556d ago

Embracing it is better for business

scottypops2556d ago

I think it's a good move. Brings good PR and attention to the game.