IBM Sells First Cell Computer for $19,000

Called the BladeCenter QS20, IBM's new system is also aimed at companies in the digital animation, aerospace, defense, communications and gas industries. Pricing for each QS20 blade starts at US$18,995

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gamerriffic5855d ago

and we thought sony was crazy with the 600 price.

CAPS LOCK5855d ago

sony are making money already? if the ps3 sells lots of cell pcs they could make alot of money, but imagine if blu ray wins the format war, either way the ps3 will succed, but still too much for a pc i am happy with my sh!tty one.

Jakens5854d ago

On their website, I have custumised a $5,000 computer. That was just for fun, because I can't afford that right now. It actually seems much cheaper now after reading this.