The Japan Preview: 12/25/11 Edition - Six Games top 100k

Software sales in Japan were once again rather incredible this week, and even grew slightly from last week. Wii, 3DS, and PS3 each had several games selling very respectable non-launch numbers, and even the rapidly deteriorating DS and PSP markets had significant software sales for the week. The most notable figures for the week are those that didn't show - Vita software will likely not crack the top 20 this week, as the top 15 cuts off at about 55,000, and it doesn't look any Vita games sold more than 30,000 units this week.

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MasterCornholio2487d ago

I don't know if those low sales are normal because the Vita is new or that a lot of ppeople are buying the games via digital copies

Anyway this is VG so this information is not 100% accurate.


SynGamer2487d ago

“Sales of the download versions of titles are exceeding expectations,” Sony Computer Entertainment Japan CEO Hiroshi Kawano

I'd imagine the PS Vita is doing just fine considering the economy. The true test will be the NA/EUR launch in February. Combined (US, CAN, EUROPE) you're looking at about 1.1 billion people). Obviously not all of those people are potential buyers but I'd venture to say anything less than 1.5 million units for the February launch would = potential failure.

I'm still interested in seeing what the sales figures in Japan are now that Christmas has come and gone. Wouldn't be surprised to see that # rise to over 500k, perhaps more.

2486d ago