PS Vita VS Nintendo 3DS: Who will win the Handheld Console war?

Is PS Vita better then Nintendo 3Ds? Obviously we know that the PS Vita hasn’t yet launched in the west but I’m going to look at the sales for both the PS Vita and 3DS in Japan daily.

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Kasumi2487d ago

I'm looking forward to PS Vita, I know they will have alot of good games coming in the future which I'm looking forward to.

Marcus Fenix2487d ago

im getting the PSV day 1, along with a 32GB memory card, Virtua Tennis 4, Reality Fighters and Army Corps of Hell.

rezzah2487d ago

first edition for me =)

Skip_Bayless2487d ago

I want PSV to win but it probably won't. It will do better than psp because of the two sticks that are attracting major developers and attracting original content.

badz1492487d ago

just wait for the Hong Kong version which if I'm not mistaken, will be released this week.

I pre-ordered 1 from my local retailer here in Malaysia and it comes with protective case, cartridge slots and more importantly, a 4GB card + 1 game from Uncharted or Dynasty Warriors Next or MvC3!

it's a damn good deal and I chose Uncharted! I don't know if this is my local retailer only but the manager said this is a bundle for the Hong Kong version.

go check it out if you're interested!

resetme2487d ago

Well, most people are buying it from amazon jp, 320 us wifi version + 60us for shippment by 380 us for psp vita at ur home door.

Play asia are charging 499 us for the hk version whitout shippment...

badz1492486d ago

wow, that's rip-off! I don't buy from play Asia too though. my local retailer happens to be one of those local store willing to go the extra mile. I got my MOVE on launch day too, way before official release here thanks to that little game store :-)

farhad2k82486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

VITA hands down. The 3DS would have been a nice portable if they knew their competition, unfortunately, they found out about the VITA after they had already made the tech.
I don't own a 3DS my self, but my friend seems to be really disappointed with his.

For me, it's the VITA on day one, with Uncharted, FIFA and maybe Mortal Kombat, if it's available on launch. Uncharted still blows my mind when watching videos on youtube, it literally blows the iphone and 3DS out of the water. Graphically, it shocked me to be honest.

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Titanz2487d ago

Enough of this nonsense already, we don't need smut like this on N4G.

firefoxprime2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Yup. Attracts mostly fanboys. I got my 3DS since launch. But I don't have a single game for it, hehe.

Finally upgraded to a PS3 in May, so its more fun dipping into the 5 year backlog of used PS3 titles(Uncharted, Mirror's Edge, R6:Vegas2, etc) instead of whipping out $40 a pop for 3DS games.

So for me, I don't need a Vita. I'll take a portable Wii, and keep my PS3 for console gaming goodies.

kcuthbertson2486d ago

Then you're a dumbass for buying a system that you don't want games for. Especially since you paid $250 for the 3DS and now it's down to $170.

Troll Harder.

Squatch832487d ago

Yes. The Vita is higher spec than the 3DS.
But my personal choice it the 3DS. Purely due to Mario and Mario Kart :)

Capt-FuzzyPants2486d ago

Mario Zelda and KH are what do it for me. I'll probably get both but the only reason I have ever bought a DS and a PSP were for Kingdom Hearts.

farhad2k82486d ago

2 games can't be the reason for owning a console, I admit, Nintendo have the classical games that make every gamer want to go back to.. but the VITA is unleashing the newer IP's.. I mean, Uncharted for example looks amazing! Although everyone hates CoD, it isn't really a graphical beast, therefore they can stick the equivelant console game on the VITA.. CoD on the go with dual analogue sticks = Profit for Sony.

Jirachi2487d ago

Well 3ds will sell better because like wii casual gamers will flock to it,only the 3ds has way more core games then wii did in the first year.

Tanir2486d ago

the 3ds has no games, neither did the wii, but its sorta shocking about the lack of games on the 3ds, and the fact that its not finihsed yet and getting the tacky analog add on, i almost bought one and saw what my bro went through, so im passing till the finished version (with all features, services, some games, and the dual analog are on it)

ozstar2486d ago

The 2 best selling 3rd Party games are SSF4 and Monster Hunter 3G.

Sure sounds like casuals here....

2EHO2487d ago

No fanboyism here. Vita is a great piece of hardware. I just believe there is no way you can beat nintendo in a handheld war. It will come down to games and 3ds will have casual like the ds did... But way more hardcore/mature titles. Plus 3rd party is there and will only get better. They both will sell well though but 3ds should win in the sales department.

MasterCornholio2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Casuals won't buy either a Vita or a 3DS because they have a little device called a smart phone that will cater to their gaming needs. However if by casuals you mean kids I would agree with you.

Anyways what I hate is when people claim that Vita will be a failure because it won't sell more than the 3DS. Just look and both the PS3 and the 360 they both failed miserably to outsell the Wii but they are still successful consoles. Both the 3DS and the Vita will be big successes and they will both have incredible games to play.


dedicatedtogamers2486d ago

Except that there is almost NO evidence that "a smart phone will cater to their gaming needs".

All the evidence points to smartphones being a cheap stop-gap. "Oh, I have a smartphone. Eh, I suppose I'll spend 99 cents". That's the mentality of the smartphone market. Yet, Mommy still hands a DS to her son because 1) she doesn't want him playing games on her phone in case she takes a call, 2) a DS is far cheaper than a smartphone, and 3) iPhone games aren't sitting on a store shelf or flashing during the commercial break for the little kid to beg "Mommy Mommy PLEASE get me the new Phineas and Ferb DS game!!!!"

cpayne932486d ago

@dedicatedtogamers smartphones cater to a CASUAL gamers gaming needs... That's what he said. Casual gaming needs, Vita And 3ds are more for a hardcore gamers gaming needs.

ozstar2486d ago

If you look at people who know about game sales, and their relationship to phone sales (for eg. Nintendo), its pretty obvious that they see the markets differently.

One market expects, and doesn't want, anything other than cheap short games with little content.

The other market wants to pay for more content, and play games on a controller device that actually works for SSF4 and things like that.

Tarantino_Life2487d ago

"there is no way you can beat nintendo in a handheld war." - Thats what ppl said about nintendo in the console space before ps1 and now the rest is history.. Every company will be defeated at some point in time.. Nintendo will to.. Apple will too.. Sony will to... etc.. I am not saying Vita will win sales wise but you never know..

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