The Internet, Patches, and Their Place in Gaming

GP: "Ahh, the internet. You know the internet, it's that series of tubes overflowing with cats and Reddit memes. Ever since its inception, there has always been a close bond between the gamers of the world and the Internet, but the last decade or so has marked a relationship that is going deeper. In a way that was never before possible, the gaming world is merging with the internet in full force.

Now, it seems that every console, even down to the handhelds, are capable of online connections. And while shooting your friends in the face is obviously one of the greatest things in the world, there is another side to it. While you're online, before you ever get murdered by those Black Phantoms in Dark Souls, you've got to drink in those patches."

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DarkSymbiote2586d ago

Trust me. Console internet connection gives companies too much free reign. They cheat us almost always. Skyrim deserved to be delayed like with Oblivion. And just because you haven't experienced glitches doesn't mean the same for a high number of people.