Reminder to Arkham City Players: Talk to Calendar Man Today

Today is Christmas. So if you're playing Batman: Arkham City and you don't believe in cheating by changing your system's internal clock, go talk to the Calendar Man today.

He's in the basement of the courthouse near the top of the map (the courthouse where you first encounter Two-Face and Catwoman). Use the back entrance and head downstairs. He has something to tell you.

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Yi-Long2491d ago

... so I was JUST too late (was gone almost all day, and turned on the PC on 0.30 AM the 26th...)

Oh well, I'll change the date on my 360 tomorrow to 'fool' Calender Man, and still have 'the talk' with him...

LarVanian2491d ago

Does he say anything about Boxing Day? I don't have access to my PS3 right now.

Pozzle2491d ago

Nah, Boxing Day doesn't count. New Years Day is the next one.

S-T-F-U2490d ago

Do we get a trophy for talking to him?

NBT912490d ago

Bronze "Storyteller - Have 12 murderous dates with Calendar Man" you need to talk to him on 12 different dates (such as Christmas, new years, valentines, Halloween etc)

DFogz2490d ago

There's a calendar next to his cell with the specific dates marked that you can talk with him. After each talk that month gets crossed off. Do all 12 and get a trophy.

Megaton2490d ago

Good thing this was approved on the 26th. Maximum usefulness.

The_Nameless_One2490d ago

Or you could just change the dates yourself...

KwietStorm2490d ago

My power was knocked out from a huge snowstorm in October. Yes, a snowstorm in October, so I missed the very first one on Halloween. So now I have to 'cheat' anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.