1up: Our Favorite Game of 2011

Skyrim isn't really radically different than its predecessor, Oblivion. And yet, somehow, this preposterous fantasy game about a dragon-powered warrior who shouts people off the side of cliffs and fights by flailing his arms at bad guys until someone stops moving is the most talked-about game in ages -- and not just here in the office, but all over the Internet.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2492d ago

Bethesda has a thing in winning Game of The year in their games. They always come out with quality games.

joab7772492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

This year, because of so many great titles, my goty is the one that has been in my console since launch day, and 140 hrs in, show no signs of letting up. While Batman, battlefield, uncharted, and gears sit on my shelf, all i play night in and might out, is Skyrim. There is so much to do that its absurd. It begins to get a little stagnant and then i find a new city or a new quest line. As far in as i am, i haven't yet explored riften, solitude or falkreath. I still have daedric, dragon priest, thieves guild, dark brotherhood, and civil war quests. Oh yeah, and the main quest.I'm just hoping i can finish before kingdoms of amalur.

Bigpappy2492d ago

Its a crazy game for sure. Love it!