1up: Worst Trend in Games for 2011

If 2011 in gaming will be remembered for anything, it's sequels. Although the first half of the year saw a number of fresh new releases (Bastion, Catherine, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Bulletstorm, Ghost Trick, Child of Eden, etc.) to keep us on our toes, once we hit the fall rush it was almost like new ideas went out the window. Can you name a single high-profile fall release that wasn't a sequel?

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scrambles2490d ago

CoD and UC3 took no risks whatsoever. Idk what the article is talking about... it took a couple steps back from all the improvements that blops made, less grinding for weapon attachments, though from my cod addict friends they like the grind cuz they cant play for anything except achievements, points, upgrades, and attachments... and an overall balanced game though some things were a little to "balanced". explosives were a little weak and it needed stopping power on all guns i guess.

DigitalRaptor2490d ago

I dunno about Uncharted 3 taking no risks. Those set pieces were ambition defined. Without the right focus, they could've ended up not working out and failing in their core design. So "no risks whatsoever" is inaccurate.

CoD MW3 I can agree on though!

ABizzel12490d ago

It was an excuse to justify giving another game GOTY.

Let any other game come out with as many game breaking glitches as Skyrim has and it's going to get a 6/10 at best. Don't get me wrong, Skyrim is a great game, and one of the best this year, but turning a blind eye to it's problems, but not doing the same for others because they didn't revolutionize gaming isn't fair.

This logic says, I'd rather have a game great game that can be unplayable due to glitches, crashes, and corrupt save files, than an all around good game that does everything right, but doesn't blow it's predecessor away simply because the bar was set too high by said predecessor.

IMO Skyrim, Batman AA, and Uncharted 3 all deserve to win, but they're comparing a game that's been in developing possibly 6 years (Oblivion came out in 2005), to 2 games that had only 2 year development cycles. IMO Skyrim should win, but again to each his own.