1up: Most Rewarding Game of 2011

Dark Souls is punishing, vicious, and sometimes mean-spirited. It is a game that presents you with a world that can be freely explored, only to kill you for venturing beyond the confines of safety. And yet, Dark Souls is never unfair. The game gives you the tools you need to survive, and its central concept of treating death as an inevitability to be surmounted rather than a punitive setback allows you to explore, experiment, and eventually achieve mastery.

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theeg2491d ago

for my tastes

the witcher 2
dark souls
uncharted 3
gears 3
batman ac
ratchet and clank all 4 one
and shogun 2 stand out the most for me this year

scrambles2491d ago

I agree to all of em cept UC3 but thats just cuz i dont really like the franchise with that its doing.

Tanir2490d ago

great list, i dont like BF3, Gears 3 or batman, but you got some good taste :P. I oddly enjoyed saints row 3 oddly enough.......odd because i hated the first too and adored the 3rd.

need more Souls games -_-

uc3nyc322490d ago

Dark Souls is tied with UC3 in terms of my game of the year!!!!But I've def. Put more time into DS and it is so rewarding everytime you get a new ability or find a new killa weapon or armor!!! Simply love this game and Demon Souls to death!!!!! Great gaming year!!!!