"Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition" Leaked by Sony & Retailers

Major online retailers (and even Sony themselves) confirm a new special-edition of GT5.

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PixlSheX2542d ago

This is cool for people that haven't bought the game yet, but will. Just like me :D

Abash2542d ago

Sony keeps raking in those GT5 sales, the XL Edition is sure to make the sales of the game climb even faster

crxss2542d ago

i had gt3 and gt4, never really picked this up just cause there were so many other games i rather play but it was still on my list of games to get. i'll definitely pick this up now

Yi-Long2542d ago

... that game seems like great fun, but because of SOOOOOOOOOOO much DLC, I never picked it up.

Anyway, will probably get this XL edition of GT5. Game seems pretty good, and if it has all the DLC included, it's worth the money.

Why o why2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )


Told you this when ModNation had been out for a month. You should NOT of skipped it because of the 1-3% of paid dlc. I respect and usually agree with your anti scam stance but in regards to MNR you went tooooo far and i have to say got it wrong. You cant have everything and you dropped support for a community pushed game because of that stance. There is just too much content for free to be paying mind to the tiny bit of milking IF you can even call it that...I feel like fedexing my copy to you for free....Its xmas after all

GT5 was worth the money at launch imo. What other driving sim/game is as feature packed prior to all the free dlc it got

Yi-Long2542d ago

... I explained the reason why I would like to buy the game is the modding/creating itself, and those DLC packs are 10 bucks EACH, so that's just wayyy to expensive for me.

I would have expected a GOTY edition out by now, but sadly, it isn't happening.

nix2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I really thought Forza 4 was a great game until I saw the Núrburgring track on YouTube. It was really wide n smooth as silk. I only like driving at Nùrburgring in GT5 probably that's why I noticed the difference.

Anyway this is great news for people who haven't picked it up yet.

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Gamer19822542d ago

Indeed its a good idea and will probably be cheaper than all the DLC combined anyway.

showtimefolks2542d ago

GT series on ps3 has been getting good sales.

1st....gt5:p a so called demo so around 5 million close to 8 million
now this will add another 2-3 million

so 15million life time sale for one game is pretty good i guess. I also believe we will see a new GT game in mid to late 2013 and an announcement at E3 2012. Its already in development and since the engine is there, it should not take more than 2-3 years from release of GT5

its a great racing game and with all these updates and DLC its has gotten better so must buy for a racing fan

if you are a racing fan get both GT5 XL edition and forza 4 for ultimate fun.

or get gt5xl when launches and wait for forza goty edition for later in 2012

thawind2542d ago

I really want this version of the game since I never got into Gt Series

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ShoryukenII2542d ago

I wanted to buy GT5 for $20 on Boxing Day but now I find out about this. It says that it is the same as the regular GT5 but includes a Spec 2 update. Is this update free on PSN?

Darth Stewie2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

2.0 update is free but the disc includes the DLC for free which you would pay separately.

ShoryukenII2542d ago

So there is other DLC (other than Spec 2) that costs money but is included for free?

limewax2542d ago

yeah, otherwise it would be daylight robbery

easternbalboa2541d ago

i purchased gt5 on launch day, and upto today with all the updates and downloads i have a total of 10GB of GT5 DATA stored on my hard drive. so i will be selling my copy on ebay, deleting the data and on a later date purchase the XL version

ShoryukenII2541d ago

Saved a few dollars by buying it for $20 at Walmart. I think with all the DLC it will cost me $36-$38. Not bad considering that I've hyped myself up to max for it and need to play now. :)

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itsame2542d ago

Have they fixed the terrible interface? I just cant play it as it is. Did they focus test at all?

morganfell2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Jealously much? Seriously troll. You joined 2 hours ago and have trolled with every post, almost all of them against the PS3. Not sure (yet) which dupe account this is and it doesn't matter.

GraveLord2542d ago

Really? I think the GT5 interface is one of the best parts of the game.

SoapShoes2542d ago

Why fix something that isn't broken?

paddystan2542d ago

You sure you actually is eligible to play GT5? If you don't like the interface, bad for you, but all other people like it. Seems you want to fix something only a troll like you don't like.

AgentWD402542d ago

GT5 interface, the only problem I have is its quite slow to load

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