Steam Great Gift Pile Gift Complete List Revealed

GATT - GamerX: Well looks like Steam isn’t giving out lumps of coal after all, Matt W. and I combined our coal to form a gift and it was no coupon, it was DOTA 2. It now says I OWN the game meaning that I am in the beta plus I get the game. Marvelous if you ask me! I did further digging and found out what all the rewards were, more after the jump.

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kesvalk2541d ago

only coal for me until now T_T

Pikajew2541d ago

I only got coal and and coupons :(

maawdawg2540d ago

8 coal and 2 coupons so far for me.

Snookies122541d ago

Man, I kinda wish you could choose your prize for giving up coal... After all, I want to get something out of it, but at the same time, I don't want to lose my entries into the grand prize giveaway. :\

Johnny_Cojones2541d ago

I got Gothic 4, 3 coupons, & 5 lumps of coal so far.

PENGUINKK2541d ago

Got Portal 2 for just opening my inventory. Already have it though. The next 8 gifts were all coal and coupons.

caboose322541d ago

I crafted my 7 hard earned pieces of coal and got a 50% off Toki Tori coupon... and its already only $2.


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