Batman: Arkham City's Sequel - What We Want To See

The Batman: Arkham City community discuss their hopes for the inevitable sequel.

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WhiteLightning2586d ago

Co-op....again, another game which some people would like co-op to. Just play the damn game ffor what it is, challenge rooms or not wheres the actual challenge if your friend is with you and if they create co-op only challenge maps then theres wasted resources which could of went towards single player content.

Reallyall I want to see is a massive open world game set in Gotham, big enough so you can drive/fly in it.

dark-hollow2586d ago

actually a co-op mode is not a bad idea.
just pray to god they dont include a half-assed MP mode..

skyblue142132586d ago

Look what happened to resident evil 5 when capcom felt that they had to include co-op. I have read up on the original version of resident evil 5(It was a very different game and it did not have co-op as a main part or any part of the game for that matter) and it was a lot better than what was officially released.

guitarded772586d ago

True, but the co-op in RE5 felt forced on the player. If done properly, it could be great and Batman already has a sidekick, so it could be a natural progression.

damnyouretall2585d ago

exactly. with a batcave and customizable batsuit. would love to make a christopher nolan type suit

NovusTerminus2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

EDIT: @ WhiteLighting (N4G is messing up my reply button)
It would not be "Wasted Resources"...

Put two people in a challenge map, double the enemies, BAM! you have a two player challenge map. And minimal effort into it, but then they could see if the fans wanted more or not. Simple. Beat 'Em Up games benefit greatly from Co-Op, and as would allot of other games.

2586d ago
Sharingan_no_Kakashi2586d ago

I want a Batman game set in the 50's. And I want it to be a real sandbox game.

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