A future gaming world of 100% digital games?

Pravkebab: I love collecting games and not just playing them and I think that one day we will see a world of pure digital content.

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NYC_Gamer2492d ago

well,most of my games are brought digital except the ones that are only available on console.some of us believe in the future many publishers will opt to go digital.

limewax2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I see no problem with it. I like having a physical collection but there comes a point where the collection becomes too big. Most of my games now are digital downloads and it has saved me a lot of physical space. It has saved me money through steam as well. Once PSN and XBL prices start to hit the right point too, I think people will really take to it. Though I feel for now we need some physical media available as not everyone can get internet with an acceptable speed for downloading such large files

guitarded772492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I see a huge problem with it... removing physical copies from retail lessens competition ultimately making prices higher. Unless retailers will be offering downloads without price restrictions, we will be paying more.

The good thing is money will make its way to developers since the used market will be dead, the bad thing is we will see a major increase in pirating.

hellvaguy2490d ago

@ guitarded
The $5 price tag I pay for online games 1+ year old at steam, indicates lack of competition won't be a problem to get low prices.

Gamer19822492d ago

I'm 100% digital on PC while with consoles I still prefer physical media as tbh they look cool on a shelf and also on consoles the mad thing is the digital version is always more expensive than the physical media version sometimes upto 300X more expensive. Madness when you think about it.. Yet MS and Sony both claim its the developers who set the costs not them so the developers are slowing down the digital age when unlike with PC they should be embracing it and releasing new titles for less if bought digitally.

badz1492492d ago

I really like the idea of digital copies, but some places are not ready for it yet. my place for example, where a decent internet speed cost too much, I bought SC Conviction from Steam sales last night, and now, 15 hours later, the download is still @ 25%! painful, YES!

hellvaguy2490d ago

Dang, it downloaded in like 30min for me. Are u even able to play online with those dail-up like speeds?

Jio2492d ago

I do occasionally like buying retail, because it's what I grew up accustom to. But digital is much more convenient.

gnvr2492d ago

guess it is convenient but then there is more to worry about like disk space etc. prefer to have it hard copy so you can lend out games and stuff

kaveti66162492d ago

"prefer to have it hard copy so you can lend out games and stuff"

Publishers are making it difficult for us to do that now.

People who prefer to have physical copies of games might do so because they think it implies ownership. They get a sense that it belongs to them, but it's very clear now that publishers do not want gamers to share games, sell games, lend games or what have you.

I see no real advantage any more in owning a physical copy.

DigitalRaptor2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

That stuff is really only for online play though. You can still lend games to a friend if they wanna play the campaigns. I borrow games all the time for that. And not all publishers have done the "Online pass" yet.

I will always retain that the sense of ownership comes from having a physical copy, even if publishers want to restrict the online play. Because really as long as the pass is tied to my account, I still consider the game to be mine.

Anyway, let's face it. Games are getting bigger. L.A. Noire is over 20GB. RAGE is something similar. Some PS3 exclusives tend to be huge in size. Next-gen games will likely be even bigger. Whichever way you look at it, there's no way 20+GB sized games are going to be the most popular choice for gamers any time soon. Who really wants to download that, when you can order a physical copy online and it will most likely be cheaper?

Also, ISPs won't be fast enough for a reasonable length of download and hard drives won't have enough space for all these games. I've covered this before. Imagine you have a collection of 30-40 retail PS3/360 games stored digitally, each one varying from 10GB-30GB (average of 20GB each). That's 800GB for 40 games. What if you want more? A total of 70 for example? That's 1400GB. Imagine next-gen's games are 40-50GB in size by default.. That's 2800GB for 70 games. What if you want to have your 70 PS3/360 games from this gen on the same hard drive as the next-gen consoles. That's 4200GB. Get the picture?

Do you think parents buying a Nintendo console for their kids want to figure out how to sign up an account to access the WiiU store, to wait for ages to download a 10+GB game, to start playing? Nope, they want to set up the console, pop in the disc and start playing.

Physical will be here for as long as there is demand for it.

NeXXXuS2492d ago

Physical media makes me feel good knowing I have it in my hands and not just in cyberspace. I wouldn't like everything to go digital. Minis on the PSN and older games are fine. Though I still try to get the older originals on amazon or ebay if I can.

vickers5002492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I'd like it if both options were 100% available. They both have their benefits, well at least physical media does all the time, when digital only has it some of the time.

The benefit of digital games SHOULD be that it's significantly cheaper, but looking around at full retail games on the PSN/360 store, that's not the case. The benefit of physical media is the feeling of ownership, that no one can take the game away from you (although that's becoming less true with the introduction of online passes), and the nice feeling of having a collection on a shelf dedicated to all the gaming memories you have. Also it only takes up physical space and not hard drive space.

I like both options quite a lot, but unless they reduce the price of every single digital game by at least 20-30 bucks (not counting special sales), then I'm sticking with physical media for the most part.

kcuthbertson2492d ago

As long as it's as fluid and customer friendly as steam is, I'm all for it.

I haven't bought a retail game on PC since UT2004, and couldn't care less. No discs taking up space, all my saves in the cloud (well most), And Ease of finding all of my games in one place.

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