Analysing Rising: A Metal Gear fan’s reaction to Revengeance

"To say that the re-reveal and subsequent announcement of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance at the VGA’s last weekend has provoked a strong reaction from Metal Gear purists the world over, would be something of an epic understatement. It’s difficult not to have some sort of emotional response to Revengeance, a game that everyone knew was coming, but nobody knew was coming like this. For many, Revengeance represents a positive inclusive step forward for protagonist Raiden and his initially favourable Metal Gear themed spin-off; a fascinating collaboration between Kojima Productions and Platinum Games that will invariably spawn an engrossing and thrilling action game complimentary to the esteemed Metal Gear lineage gone before it. However, said shared juxtaposition of creative energies, a questionable re-naming and an unequivocal impetus on unsubtle stealth-less action based swordplay represent just a sample of the grievances that many Metal Gear traditionalists have with Revengeance. War has changed and some folks just ain’t happy."

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Micro_Sony2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Here is my fan reaction.

Really?? You’re taking Metal Gear [email protected]#king Solid…and “Rebooting” one of the worst characters in the entire franchise…by turning MGS into some [email protected] ass Devil May Cry ripoff??!!?!?!?!

Seriously, are you f$%king kidding me? Look…Devil May Cry games might as well come with branded eyeliner…and Bayonetta was basically softcore smut masquerading as a hack n slash game. The whole object of the game is to pose Bayonetta and her Dealbreakingly Too Small head in different sexually suggestive positions…
…oh yeah and there’s the part where you build up your attacks so she’ll take her clothes off.
…and the f#$king TITLE of the new game?? ”Revengance??” Really?? Seriously?? Fucking “REVENGANCE”??!?!!?! So Konami’s just making up words now, Revengance??!?! That’s just f#$king fantastical.

THIS is the developer that Kojima hands THE MOTHERF$%$ING METAL GEAR SOLID FRANCHISE off to?? That’s like ordering a perfectly cooked medium Kobe Steak with a Swallow’s Nest salad from the Lyell Avenue McDonald’s…IT’S A F$%KING DELUSION!!! F%^king depressing. I was perusing the comments on different net publications of this same article and far too many people expressed happiness…and I guess that’s what Konami’s always wanted out of the Metal Gear Franchise……to market their game not only to the intelligent and discerning fanbase that Kojima and his cerebral games have cultivated over the years…as well as to the standard sexless idiot that uses video games to fill the void in his life where girlfriends and a social life should be.
Kojima took the company line here, expressing what seemed like happiness with the direction of the game. I imagine he’s probably crying inside, and I can’t help but think that he should’ve untethered himself from the milk machine that is Konami YEARS ago.

Honestly for all the crap I give Activision, they put out a playable product each and every year. Bobby Kotick doesn’t go up to Infinity Ward or Treyarch execs and say: ”Hey guys…this year…let’s take everything we’ve laid in place over the last ten years…and totally crap on it. Then, let’s make the [email protected] character in the canon EVEN MORE [email protected]!!!” Yeah, no…Zach Braff won’t be doing the voice for Captain Price in MW4…AND THAT’S BECAUSE ACTIVISION PLAYS LIKE THEY HAVE A [email protected]!!!!

Konami of course USED to be the gold standard in gaming, but ever since Silent Hill 3, they’ve been straight up garbage. They tried (admirably, from what I heard) to revive the Castlevania franchise, but today the once juggernautish Konami is two franchises: Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid…and in case you didn’t get it in the paragraph’s first sentence…Silent Hill has sucked donkey balls since halfway through SH3.

Kojima has wanted to persue other projects, including alleged new IP in the past, but Konami insists that he oversee and develop Metal Gear game after Metal Gear game, if only to keep them solvent. Don’t believe me?? Here’s a chronology starting from Metal Gear Solid…which we know isn’t even the beginning of the series, but I digress…

KimoNoir2516d ago

Kojima could have continued to make the game but he took an arrow to the knee...

Youre rage is true my friend. I wanna see a story of what happened between mgs1 and 2. Not some 40 years after mgs4 that the world turned into power ranges saga

dark-hollow2516d ago

I cant help it but to strongly disagree with you here.
first off, DMC and bayonetta franchises are more than over the top silliness. people loved those game for various reasons but the most important is the gameplay.
sure they are cheesy and corny sometimes and the story isnt something to write home about, but the gameplay, the silly characters are what keep the fans coming for more.

and come on! like mgs never had it fair share of sexy, over the top, cheesy moments!!
am all for opinion but you cant call the whole fanbase for dmc and bayoneta "sexless idiots"!!

oh, and kojima team are the ones who will write the story, cut-scenes (correct me if am wrong)

bottom line, it is just a spin off.
they didnt "reboot" anything like what happened with DmC.
stealth, kojima style mgs 5 will be on it way so just pretend that this game doesnt exist if it bothers you so much.

BlmThug2515d ago

Would you like cheese with that Whine?

SoapShoes2516d ago

The thing I'm most happy about this game is them taking out the SOLID in the name. It never deserved that name.

I'm not as upset as that guy is up there though, I simply won't be buying it.

SoapShoes2516d ago

I'm just saying that because it's not about SOLID Snake, therefore it should have never been called Metal Gear SOLID instead of just Metal Gear.

As for not buying it, well... I think Platinum games are great at what they do combat wise but I just want a regular Metal Gear.

user8586212516d ago

Looks awesome :) cant wait for this and DmC

DigitalRaptor2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

The latest outsourced iterations in both of these once excellent franchises are an insult to its fans, in all honesty.

MGR: Revengance is not a true Metal Gear game. It's the game we were all anticipating until the VGA trailer reveal when it became the game no Metal Gear/Kojima/Stealth fan wanted. DmC is no longer a Devil May Cry game either as far as I'm concerned, but that's what you get for trusting your franchise to Ninja Theory.

Probably good games on their own, but ruined for me as a fan of both series. enjoy!

Venox20082515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

ruined or not ruined series, I care that game were with quality ...

UJUSTLOSTONE2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

i agree whole heartedly, the original concept footage looked true to the Metal Gear franchise, now.... urgh !

I guess we will have to just wait and see.

It used to be that if you had problems you would hire someone from a development team that had what you were looking for, not outsource the entire game. Once you do that, it becomes someone elses creation, and not your own. Thus losing its "true" indentity

meh, oh well.

kaveti66162516d ago

The game is not out. You know very little about the game other than what you saw in the trailer. Stop analyzing it. Stop making judgments about it just yet. Just wait a little.

Yes, we all have our preconceived notions about games, but why did you write an opinion piece about it and submit it? How lame are you? Just wait for it to come out and then play the game before you analyze it.

Arksine2516d ago

I generally agree. I'm not completely thrilled with the what I saw in the initial trailer, but I'm willing to wait until we have more information before condemning it.

I will say that the title "Revengence" is terrible. Sounds like some B-List action movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Just "Metal Gear Rising" would have been sufficient IMO.

PirateThom2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Probably be a good game, but it's not going to be a Metal Gear game.

It's just as simple as that.

I don't care where they think it falls in the story line, it's not canon.

Hicken2516d ago

If only people could think that objectively about it. In all likelihood, Rising will be a good game on its own. But because Kojima isn't at the helm, or because P* is doing the game, or because it's not about Snake, or because it's not stealth.... people will look for any reason to say it will suck.

What happened to basing a game on what it does right and wrong, instead of basing it on what OTHER games did?

kaveti66162516d ago

His statement wasn't objective at all.

You can't be objective about game quality.

And as far as the story's connection to the main series, it has not yet been determined if the game is canon or not.

Hicken2516d ago

Game quality is the only thing you CAN be objective about. Whether or not what the game entails appeals to you is subjective, but the quality of the product isn't really something that can be subject to opinion.

kaveti66162516d ago

I don't think so.

You can be objective about budget because it can be measured. You can be objective about resolution because it can be measured and so can the number of polygons and the frames per second, and perhaps the number of glitches, artifacts, screen tears.

If that's the quality you're referring to, then fine.

But if you're talking about whether the game will be good or not, there's no way to objectively measure that because it varies with peoples' perceptions.

Pozzle2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

But why wouldn't you consider it a Metal Gear game? I mean, all these assumptions that Rising is soooo different than the other games makes no sense, since the series itself is pretty erratic. E.G the Metal Gear games were nothing like the Metal Gear Solid games. The "Metal Gear" series doesn't really have a theme beyond being set around the same characters in the same in-game universe. Just look at the VAST difference between a game like Metal Gear 1, a game like MGS4, and a game like Metal Gear Ac!d. They're practically nothing alike.

Rising might take those differences and amp them up to the extreme, but sometimes I wonder if people have actually played any Metal Gear game outside the main "Solid" series.

PirateThom2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

All those games have one thing in common, they have a degree of stealth impacting the gameplay, even Ac!d, where avoiding detection was still a key element (but also wasn't part of the main storyline anyway and that's been the most radically different game bar Rising)... Rising has completely abandoned any concept of stealth in favour of hack and slash.

I'm also not sure how Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid are nothing alike, bar the change to 3D and the ability to perform more actions, still a stealth game.

Pozzle2516d ago

True, but being in the same genre doesn't really make them all that similar. The Metal Gear games were still pretty standard shooters (most of the time the stealth didn't even work) and it wasn't until Metal Gear Solid came around that the series became known for it's weird and kooky themes. That's what I meant with them being different. If it weren't for the characters and game's title, nobody would guess that MG and MGS are meant to be in the same series. Hell, even a lot of MGS fans don't know the MG games even exist and probably wouldn't be able to tell from screenshots alone.

Rising might be a hack and slash...but it still retains the weird and kooky themes that the MGS games have. Its gameplay might be different, but there are other things that connect it to the overall MG series.

2515d ago
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