First Photographs Of Wii SDK's.

Engadget seems to have gotten the first photographs of Wii development kits. Other then the green faceplate not much looks different from a retail unit. Check em Out!

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ChickeyCantor5856d ago

even its a developer kit...its stilll a Wii :'(

ElementX5856d ago

Why should I care what the kits look like? I can see pictures of the retail version, which looks the same anyway.

ChickeyCantor5856d ago

well the Ps3 kit looks like a VCR
and maybe not you others are interested in the dev-kits.
and if YOU dont care dont reply they didnt posted this for you

CAPS LOCK5855d ago

its the first dev kit that i have seen which is as big as the real console.
i rmeber the ps3 and the 360 dev kits, they where huge.

schnodder5855d ago

i think the final ps3 will be bigger than the devkit ;-)