Resistance: Burning Skies – George Washington Bridge Playthrough

PlayStation Blog: In this video, Huebner narrates as producer Frank Simon drags and drops grenades right where he wants them.

Also, take note of touch-screen melee controls, the first person cover system, the touch-activated weapon wheel, and the Sixeye sniper rifle’s alt-fire mode.

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thePatriot2542d ago

looks more fun than r3. Oh, how I wish people still played the original online.

spok222542d ago

Resistance 3 was the best resistance in the series imo. They just need to make a resistance 4 because the ending of 3 felt too rushed and didnt wrap everything up completely.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2541d ago

It improved in a lot of ways over the others. But it also faltered. The story, atmosphere, overall design, gameplay all these things made resistance 3 better than the others.

Things they shouldn't have done?
-Replace the fareye with the deadeye. The slow mo sniper rifle was a staple of the resistance franchise. I can see why they did it though because they had to remove it's alt fire for mp.

- Not making the carbine available from the beginning. It too is a staple. They were actually thinking of not putting it in the game at all which would've been a big mistake.

- Not finishing the story with the character that started it. Not that I don't like Capelli. It just felt wrong.

- Scaling down the mp. Huge 40 plus player battles is what made Resistance's mp great. I would like to say though that the scaled down version is still really fun.

And you're right the ending did feel rushed but despite all of these things R3 was still a better game than the others. But the first will always be my favorite as is this case with most trilogies.

thePatriot2540d ago

to each his own. but for me, original resistance mp stands as one of my favorite mp experiences. There are just way too many things going boom in mp lately. too many perks skills boosts add-ons... etc. The carbine shoots triple 40mm. I don't like what they did with the auger. And where is the arc - charger. that thing was so unique and awesome.

LettingGo2541d ago

R3 was definitely the best. I enjoyed the online quite a bit. I actually liked the online play of all three of them. They all felt unique...even from each other.