Gaming’s Best And Worst Star Wars Characters

The cast of the Star Wars universe isn’t perfect. For every cool character like Darth Vader, fans have to endure a lame one like Jar Jar Binks, and that rule holds true for Star Wars games as well as the movies. Fortunately, games have given rise to some of the most memorable characters in the galaxy far, far away…even though it means putting up with some stinkers, too. In this feature, Game Informer examines gaming’s five most significant and five most shameful additions to the Star Wars fiction.

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bwazy4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

Without Jar Jar there would be no Star Wars universe as we know it. Think about it, if he didn't piss off Subulba so much it wouldn't have driven Qui-gon-jin (pardon my speelingz) to make a bet with Watto and thus drive Anakin to win the race, ultimately resulting in his freedom.

So yep, Jar Jar created one of the biggest mofo's in the Star Wars universe, thus spiralling into what we now know today.

Over simplified? Perhaps, but look it up and think about it, its true!

Regardless of such **** Jar Jar, I hate him.

RedDead4109d ago

HK47 is ****ing awesome

biRdy4110d ago

Why is Carth Onasi lame? I actually thought he was a good character in Kotor.

coolbeans4110d ago

He is, it seems that any SW fan that's a video game columnist hates to see any of their characters be whiners, regardless of whether or not that's a more fitting characterization of them (see Anikan in prequels and Luke in beginning of Ep IV). Although she counts as one of the darths, Kreia not getting her own metion is just shameful.

JBaby3434109d ago

Nicely said coolbeans. I've never understood the hate directed at the prequels with the only argument I've heard to justify it is "Darth Vader is a whiny, little kid". It fit pretty well actually just like I thought Luke Skywalker was a p*ssy but then his attitudes change.

On-topic: I like the inclusion of the KOTOR Siths and I wish we could get them and those types of Universes in games that are NOT RPGs since I simply despise RPGs. Why they can't make an expansive, character progressive, simulation-based game along the lines of KOTOR or the new game SW: Old Republic is beyond me.

I didn't think Juno Eclipse was lame but liked her inclusion and though the story of her and Starkiller was flushed out well enough but I guess the writer of the article can't read between the lines.

BattleTorn4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

I've been waiting for a new good Star Wars game for so long.

Unfortunitely since I don't play games on PC anymore, I have to skip on The Old Republic despite all my SW loyalties.

Plus I think of The Old Republic as more of a WoW clone, and a online KOTOR.

I want another KOTOR (for consoles)

But I still hope TOR does well, cause it will probably determine whether we'll see any SW-titles in the near future.