Five Beginner Tips for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

What should you keep in mind over the holidays as you begin your dragon-slaying quest?

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DragonKnight2492d ago

These tips are pretty good for beginners, but there is one thing I'd like to point out.

If you're trying to play as a thief, placing most of your points into sneaking, lockpicking, pickpocketing, and some in one-handed to augment the sneak attack power, companions will be a big issue. They almost always break your cover and you'll find yourself annihilated when having to come face to face with even weak Restless Draugr. Sometimes companions are a hindrance, not helpful.

That being said, if your playstyle is to be straight in the face of every enemy, get your companion the Giant's Club weapon and watch them destroy everything in your path before you even get the chance to land a hit. It's a lot of fun to see it happen. They end up being able to take out dragons by themselves at low levels.

MidnytRain2492d ago

I learned my lesson with Fawkes in Fallout 3. Having a powerful ally doesn't always make the game fun.

DragonKnight2492d ago

Well, the ally isn't really all that powerful. The Giant's Club weapon, though it increases in strength as you level up, has the problem of being a very slow two handed weapon. When facing off against enemies like the Dragon Priests, even with the club your ally will constantly be down unless you're right in the thick of things with them.

The club can definitely turn the tides of a difficult battle in your favor, but not always. I once fought a hagraven and two frost trolls at the end of a quest and boy did ever die repeatedly even though Lydia was fully decked out in heavy armor and the Giant's club. Thank God for Ice Form is all I can say.

SnakeCQC2492d ago

dont forget cheats via the tilde key

Resistance2492d ago

Just got this game yesterday. This is handy.

NeXXXuS2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Don't attack the chickens lol. I learned my lesson when I walked into Redwood and randomly did that. The whole town tried to kill me D:

ZBlacktt2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Best tips for starting out:

Get on a horse and ride it everywhere. I mean all over the map world. Unlocking sites so later on it becomes much easier to get around fast traveling. Since you will visit most every place at some point. Also, a horse makes a better climber then your player. A horse can scale a mountain side in this game. Do not stop or get off the horse. Just keep riding unlocking sites so they show up on your map.

Next, Smith to level 100 soon as possible. There are Youtube video's showing how easily this can be done. You don't really need 100, just 90 to unlock the Daedric Armor. This will also unlock better weapons related to the Daedric set. This easy way to level up Smithing will also gain you Character levels as well.

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