Vita's Design Has Surprising Ties To Old-School Sony

James Gallagher, of the PlayStation Blog, attended the official launch of the PS Vita in Japan earlier in the week. He's compiled a few tidbits from his trip in a new post, which includes a surprising link between Sony's latest handheld system and the company's old-school consumer-electronic roots.

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Ddouble4110d ago

Imagine touchpads instead of analog sticks. Glad that idea was scrapped.

A brushed steel Vita would have been nice as well.

MGRogue20174110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

I think it's perfectly designed.. It could have been made to be a little slimmer.. but then that'd probably produce alot of unneeded heat due to tight closure & would eventually result in overheating issues.

I'm pleased with how it looks, really.. I can't see anything wrong with it at all tbh.

What I'm really impressed with is how they've managed to cram such a huge screen on there. I've been told that the quality & color contrast on it is quite striking when seen in person. I can't wait to get my hands on my own Vita & see for myself. :)

MasterCornholio4110d ago

The Vita is a portable that is the result from input from the devs and gamers. This is the reason why the Vita is so easy to make games for (even easier than the 3DS) and has control scheme that any gamer would want in a portable. I am also impressed that they manage to get a decent battery life out of it. I was expecting it to be worse than the 3DS because of its vastly superior tech.

The Vita to me is the best designed portable to date and it's a day one buy for me.

PS: glad krazy Ken didn't deign this thing.


Bull5hifT4108d ago

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