Game of the Year 2011: #1 - Dark Souls [IncGamers]

IncGamers: Our countdown to 2011's best game is over. Our winner is selected. Let the debate begin.

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ShoryukenII2491d ago

I think the game is perfect except it has a few bugs and the online system is not as good as it was in Demon's Souls. But despite that, the game is amazing. :D

JsonHenry2491d ago

This was my game of the year as well. Simply a fantastic game. Close second would be Star Wars the Old Republic.

rbluetank2491d ago

i can not get pass the second boss. this monster can fly up upon to the caslte where i was posting to kill him.... i was like wtf! lmao. i have not touche it since that moment... i love the game but that sheit pissed me off in a funny way... i will just have to snut up and handle that sheit!... i am glad people love this game...

HacSawJimThugin2489d ago

Great game...wish more ppl would give it a chance.