Skyward Sword 'patch' is an entire fricken Wii Channel

Destructoid: Well... that's one solution, I suppose.

To recap, Nintendo acknowledged the game-breaking bug in Skyward Sword and started making plans to correct it. You could mail your hardware to the company directly (ick!), or you could wait for a promised patch. Now, Wii games aren't exactly patch-friendly thanks to the console's infrastructure, but when one the company's marquee titles is on the line, you know Nintendo will bend over backwards to FIX IT.

Available now in Japan is the "Zelda Data Restoration Channel." That's right. An entire channel to fix one little thing. You run the channel and follow the instructions, then your save data will be corrected. I'm going to assume that this is a one-time deal and that you don't have to keep the channel installed once the patch is applied.

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Titanz2542d ago

You got to give them credit for that.

CaptainMarvelQ82541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Meanwhile at Bethesda,Not one single shit was given

Brawler2541d ago

^^^HAHAHAHAHA Its so true.

Gen0ne2541d ago

I'll continue where Brawler left off, *clears throat* HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

Dark-vash2541d ago

I cant see what's wrong with it! Download the channel, patch the save, delete channel, profit!

They need to get their facts right, Nintendo never said anything about the need to mail the hardware! They said, until they release the channel, to Email the save to them. They would fix it and send it back! Just ranting about the Wii because it's the Wii, doesn't get Destructoid anywhere...

--Onilink--2541d ago

yeah not mention the fact that this isnt an actual patch but a program to fix the save file, on other games you might get patched but if the game was broken you still need to restart everthing.

Most likely the real patch to eliminate the issue could come on a future firmware update, like it was done with Metroid Other M

iNFAMOUZ12541d ago

they need to do a wind waker 2, then i'll buy the wii no matter what lol

Disccordia2541d ago

Wasn't it phantom hourglass??

DethRob642541d ago

Wind Waker 2 is on the DS only

Honest_gamer2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

well i bought my girl friend the wii for her xmas, and wow ive been loving it even since (tho its only been two days lol) spent £50 today in another 9 games now "my" wii game collection is stilling at 39 games....thats 30 more than my 360 and 47 less than the ps3 not bad that weve only had it for 2 days. all i know is that i was dissing the wii since day 1 not even counting it as "next gen", but after an hour i love it :/ wii u is a day one buy for me

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