Why do you read Edge?

A column which discusses as to why the original poster no longer reads Edge magazine, or contributes to the magazine website's forum.

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Why o why2491d ago

Good read. Edge have continued to fall imo. Yeah some might say its down to them scoring my prefered consoles games lower than the average but i think the bending for coorporations is part of the reason. Course i have no hard in your face proof other than a link to that sites' article that proves their harshness isnt shared equally but that and their general unenthusiastic view towards games im actually interested in kinda makes me not care too much about their bias and loathing of the gamer (their audience) unless its to make others aware of their crap. I will never agree with every sites opinions but never has there been a site ive disagreed with more than edge.... Efem

theeg2490d ago

"Why do you read Edge?"

same reason i occasionally listen to rush limbaugh or fox news

hearing morons preach their rhetoric as though it were truth is hilarious to me.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32490d ago

People are pathetic...period. If a web site or magazine gives praise and nothing short of that, to their favorite product, they'll worship that magazine or web site 24/7. If the website or magazine does the opposite then people put on their tinfoil hats. Grow up folks! If you don't like something, you move along to something you do.