Does Final Fantasy XIII really deserve all the hate?

Travel back in time two years, It's December 2009 and Final Fantasy XIII has released in Japan.The game's launch in remaining territories is still months away.The level of anticipation and hype is unbelievable, Every J RPG fan in the world wants a piece of the newest and possibly biggest installment in Square Enix's Flagship Franchise Final Fantasy............

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jc485732579d ago

I haven't even beaten the game (less than an hour), so I don't deserve to hate it (yet). Who knows? It might turn out alright for me.

NukaCola2579d ago

It's gorgeous, with a decent story..but

To linear
Lacks 90% of what makes final fantasy
No towns
One playable character
Removed 15gigs of content (FXIII-2 on one Xbox disc..hmm?)
No point in Pheonix Down

It deserves it's scores, not idiotic hate. The game was piss poor in design to cater to the west.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I agree with you but I am not sure you even played the game...
I mean "One playable character" This is not true you can swap anyone out for whoever you like to play with.

Still I did not like FF13 since it was way to linear, story was not engaging. After 35 hours into the game I just stopped playing all together....
The game is even terrible in it's early stages with only auto fight.

I've much prefered the older Final Fantasy games, such as 4,6, 10, and 12.

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Reibooi2579d ago

First off they didn't remove 15 gigs of content. The reason XIII-2 was so quickly made was because they had experience with the engine and that was something they didn't have when making XIII also the reason XIII-2 fits on a single Xbox disc is because XIII-2 has almost no CGI movies like XIII did which ate a massive amount of space on those 360 DVD's.

now On topic. I liked XIII. It wasn't the best Final Fantasy game but it wasn't as bad as people make it out to be. Did it have it's issues? Sure every game does and to be honest I think the hate on it for being to linear is BS considering FFX was exactly the same way until a certain point in the game the only difference was there were towns(which i understand the complaint of) However from a story stand point it made sense to not have towns as the characters are on the run and it would not make sense for them to sit there and relax in a town and do some quests and once the game does open up and let you do what you want it's in Gran Pulse where those who are pursuing you won't follow. Makes sense from a story perspective even if people didn't like it.

Almost every Final Fantasy had something people didn't like when it came out and then as years go by people forget about it. For example. FFXII everyone hated the more serious story and the MMO like combat and Gambit system(now the game is quite fondly remembered) X was trashed because of the voice acting despite it being the first FF game to do that) IX was hated for the return to the cartoony characters, 8 was hated for the Draw system and the depth of linking spells to stats. etc etc.

Every game had something for the haters to bitch about and XIII was no different the amount of hate on the game was so blown out of proportion it's laughable.

Dante1122579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

@ AdmiralSnake and Reibooi

"Square Enix specialty site FF Reunion has a short summary of a new interview with FFXIII art director Isamu Kamikokuryou. In the interview, Kamikokuryou discusses some of the content that was deleted from the game. Apparently, the FFXIII design team created a number of areas that ended up not going into the final product. How much? Enough to create an additional game, according to Kamikokuryou."

"The content was already running on actual PS3 hardware, it seems, but was left out due to considerations for game volume"


Edit: @ Reiibooi

XIII had a few cutscenes, from what I hear XIII-2 hardly has that much at all. The gorgeous CGI cutscenes are "one" of the main things you kinda expect FF games to have.

2579d ago
NukaCola2579d ago


Removed nothing from FXIII-2 is not what I said. I said the 15gigs removed from XIII is part of the sequel when they could of had a longer game which was do to the 3 limit DVD rule for 360 as of 2009 and on.

I mean One player as unlike all the other Final Fantasy you play one predominant person while autoplay setting control everyone else. You don't play like you used to. It's very scripted in your party should I say.

Gamer-Z2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

@AdmiralSnake just do a little research and you'll find the article ware the devs themselves admit that because of DVD limitations they had to remove content.

The quote: "we had to cut so much content out that we could make another game with it".

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bakasora2579d ago

I can see that many people dislike the game. There must be something wrong.
Do you see that amount of hate for FFX, FFXII? Nope.

Biggest2578d ago

For XII you did. It was called the worst FF ever. I disagree with the hate for XII and XIII. I enjoyed both games and their story lines. I was an avid XI player so the battle system in XII made sense to me. Yes, it can be easy to exploit, but what RPG doesn't have its fair share of exploits (Skyrim Ogmha Infinum, anyone?)? I prefer "linear" RPGs in that games like Skyrim (The only one since Morrowind that I enjoyed) are extremely boring at times. I like having a named character that people recognize. I hate being the totally customized character that has no history, voice, or serious interaction. I like having a main focus that takes precedent over all other quests or missions. I like having "emotional" cutscenes and off kilter encounters. Even at their worst, I prefer FF type games to other RPGs.

Anyway... I don't believe FFXIII deserved the hate it got/gets.

forevercloud30002578d ago

Defending of FFXIII is just becoming futile to the willingly ignorant.

FFXIII was not the worse game in existance by far, but it has many and I mean MANY shortcomings that left many die hard FF fans feeling robbed.

1. FFXIII first off most DEFINITELY lost massive amounts of content due to the 360. The entire game pipeline was thrown off due to moneyhatting going on behind the scenes. Proof? Look no further than the many interviews with SE during the whole debacle. First they stated 360 version would not start production before PS3 version was done. LIE!because if it had not started how did they finish at the same time and they bumbled that in later interviews.

2. Also FFXIII left out massive amounts of game assets that apparently they thought good enough to use at first but scrapped half way through. Why would they do that? And then mysteriously FFXIII-2 preps are being made and it is made in record time for any game company, let alone SE. This could only be because the assets for the game were already made. Why would they leave out all the towns and so forth that they already made mind you even after their product testers told them they should have left them in? Because they wouldn't be able to fit all that stuff in as well as the massive story elements they NEEDED for the game due to having to build for the lowest common denominator which in this case is the 360.

Its common sense.

But FFXIII's faults do not end their and actually stem far deeper.
-Story was convoluted in all the wrong ways. Majority of it feels like filler.
-Combat was good but stripped all control from you for the most part. Everyone would have liked to of had control over entire Party. Difficulty in the game is masked because it was only hard due to Character AI was often retarded.
-Character development. Total hit and miss in this game.
-Changed almost all the FF game norms and staples for seemingly no good reason. Why the hell was there a brunhildr instead of ifrit?WHY? what was the purpose of that?
the list goes on from there...

ReservoirDog3162578d ago

It was fun honestly. The worst parts are honestly when the map opens up ridiculously (extreme difficulty spike) and the part right after that (~5 hours of a padding side mission that has nothing to do with the story). Other than that, it's a fun game. Not great but not terrible.

It's very similar to FFX honestly. Look at the the maps in FFX. It's very* linear till they open up a huuuuuge field and even a similar leveling system. Obviously not as great as X but yeah, similar.

And at the end of the day, at least it was better than XII.

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TheBlackMask2579d ago


I could list all the reasons why it does but it's been said so many times and it's bound to be repeated on here again by someone else

I like though how the small minority of the FF13 fans actually think the majority of us are just hating on the game for no reason....kind of like it's now cool to like FF13 and hate on the haters.

It was a crap FF game, admit it.

If it was called something like Freedom Crystal Fighters then fair enough but for a FF game, it was just terriable

brish2579d ago

The majority of people liked the game. You're in the minority.

FF XIII is a much better game than Dragon Age II but you don't hear constant whining in forums about DA II. Yes, the majority of FF XIII fans know you are just hating on the game for no reason.

FF XIII isn't the best FF ever but it's still an above average game.

Check out user reviews:

cemelc2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Dude the game wasnt terrible like some ppl make it out to be, but it has some terrible design choices:

It is a tunnel. When you reach gran pulse the game opens is wrong cos after that is a tunnel again.

The combat system is push X and autofight.

Half way on the game you didnt have a full team to fight.

The AI is stupid example of that is when you reach gran pulse and fight the giant dogs (behemont or something) and the characters put in a line for the thing to one shot them.

There was no option for japanese voiceover so i got stuck with the terrible voice acting specially vanille my god my ears still hurt to this day.

You couldnt even talk to npcs cos you cant interact with them.

LettingGo2579d ago

Yes, you do! Most people absolutely HATE Dragon Age II!

morganfell2579d ago

Didn't play it very far did you? Because after the early, early training stages of the game just push X and auto fight - actually auto battle goes away and will not get you through numerous fights.

Without building proper Paradigms and understanding how to use them you simply will not survive. Unless you go away from Auto Battle you aqre in for some repeated and protracted fights even with the understanding and prolific use of Paradigms. It's easy to see through such comments.

You can't survive by button mashing after those early stages. Such comments are solid proof a person either did not play the game very far or else is hating without justification to fit into the minority of gamers who happen to have a louder voice on N4G.

I have also noticed something else that happens among gamers. The nostalgia curve. They hold up games from the past in reverence far too often because they remember them as being better than they were. If such titles were made in current times with simply touched up graphics, They would with only a few exceptions be universally panned. Of course these are the same people that believe Mass Effect 2 was a great RPG full of exploration.

I am likely older than most on this board and even I understand the past is the past. I remember some great games, and a handful still are great. Just not most.

Here are the facts. Most people like FF XIII. I did. Disagree away. Do you really think I care?

Better still, take away my bubbles. Oh wait.

And for the final fact, in January I am picking up the Collector's Edition sequel to a game I and most others enjoyed. Get mad, flail your arms and have a fit. It's Christmas, have two. I'll be gaming.

WhiteLightning2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

What are you talking about, the majority of gamers hated FF13. Your in the minority not us.

"The majority of people liked the game."

Haha, yeah...ok then

Put it this way if there was of majority of people who liked the game then all this hate wouldn't exsist thus making this article non exsistent


"Here are the facts. Most people like FF XIII. I did. Disagree away. Do you really think I care?" most FF13 fans like to lie to themselfs that most people actually liked the game. Are you so much in deniel that would ignore obvious facts. Yeah you don't care because you know deep down your just lying to us and yourself

LiViNgLeGaCY2579d ago


Erm, no. From what I've seen on forums and other sites, the majority hated the game, like myself.

I sure hope you aren't citing sales as thinking why most liked it. Because I bought it, and absolutely hated it.

cemelc2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )


I finished the game(PSN ID: CEMELC) check my trophies.

The game has a LOT of troubles i finished the game with a team made of:

1-sinergy comando ravager
2-Medic sentinel Medic
3-Medic sentinel sinergy
4-ravager ravager ravager
5-ravager comando ravager

90% of time you can go with 1 and 5 for a boss switch to 2 or 3 and youll have the game done pushing X and autobattle.

Btw is not like i expend 60 hours tuning the padagrims that was the most basic and obvious combination buffer, caster, tank, and melee dps the only thing needed to understand is that they are not called like that.

You talked about nostalgia but when i see FF13 i see the same game i got in the 90s just with upgraded graphics, the characters Ai is stupid they put themself in the place where the attact will strike might as well be static like in the old games.

At least in the old game i had a good plot to go along and they had the excuse of hardware not being strong enough to control the charaters postions real time now is just they not willing to improve the formula in the most obvios way possible. Im not asking to break the jrpg im asking for them to let position the characters anywhere on the screen thats not to much to ask right?.

You can get the game wont be stopping you but to the very least admit that the battle system y mediocre at best

Tony P2579d ago


Still have me on ignore from that time I was winning an argument with you? Older doesn't always mean wiser.

Anyway, I think the question has already been answered by the game's designers.

FFXIII was not entirely loved or entirely hated. But it sorely deserves both for bringing both a kind of evolution (or devolution) in the series and a bucking of trends set by its contemporaries.

But I don't think it should be loved just because it's the next big FF or hated because it's not open world with dialogue trees.

I personally think it makes a mistake by not going to extremes in either direction. What you get is a game that is not quite familiar, but unwilling to take the next step. For what it's worth, that's what put me off about it.

Merry Christmas.

Nitrowolf22579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )


Are you kidding me?

I've completed the game. The battle system is utter garbage and can at most be played by just mashing X. The only time THE ONLY time I had ever had to use some sort of tactic, potions,healing, was when i fought Orpan in any of his form. He was the only guy in the game that ever gave me troubles. If they would have given me a better battle system then yea I would have loved the game.

The sequel looks a ton better for Story, but the battle system looks minor improved. I'll prob. end up picking it up once it reached $25 within the first 2 weeks.

The removal of towns,lack of NPC, anything that made FF what it was is gone in FF13. I'm sorry but any fan (not just directed at you Morgan) stating that it's a FF game is fooling themselves.

Clarence2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I don't know how old you are, but if your old enough to have had the opportunity to play all the FF before this bull$h!t 13 came out you would know that it's crap. Actually in ff10 they stop letting us explore. I miss the days of traveling by airships like the Highwind in ff7 or the Ragnarok in ff8.

insomnium22578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )


I have to say this must be the first time ever I disagree with you completely.

FF13 is not a FF game at all in my books. FF12 was neither. FF12 was ok but did not feel like a FF.

Bring back the gameplay and battles of FF7-10 and then we'll talk about a new FF game. Those were some great effing JRPG times with FF7-10 but after that it's been a SHARP downhill. FF13 was downright unplayable to me. Overly annoying characters and the story...? WTF? was it trying too hard or was it trying too hard huh?

Comments like yours is downright insulting to a gamer who spent houndreds of hours playing previous FF games and trying to play them 100% through. Did you kill Omega weapon in FF10? Did you kill Emerald and Ruby weapons in FF7? Killed them all legit? THAT'S what FF is all about....well imo anyway.

kreate2578d ago

i was only 'disappointed' with the game becuz there was the name final fantasy 13.

but if it wasnt for the name, i would of 'hated' the game.

cuz u know... the game sucks.

Megaman_nerd2578d ago

Let's see how many people from the 5-6 millions that bought the first game are gonna buy the sequel then. ;)

2v12578d ago

ff13 above what other ff game, tell me.they did a intentional mistake whit ff13 they use the ff name.

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RedDead2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Said this a while back

Sorry @ below, do I really have to repeat what was wrong with FFXiii? You had two ****ing command for 3 hours into to the game, Auto battle and attack, auto battle resulting in attack. THe battle system was terribly boring until it unlocked 1 chapter before Pulse. There was no breaks from battling. All you did was battle the same battle with 'libra, auto battle and paradigm shift' for 20 hours. The story and characters sucked badly are were Cheesy and annoying(Snow and NORA, "we're so cool, heroes to the end" **** YOU SNOW!), the music was decent but still below just about every FF. The main enemy was an absolute disgrace.

Lets talk minigames. 2, 30 seconds, ride a robot and bash enemies. Second one, chase a mini chocobo around a garden so a cutscene could play of it hiding again. Seriously! WTF was that?

Seriously, appalling game design.

I just don't understand how anyone can see some good in this game. Fair enough decent ending. That's all I could give it/ What I do think is that it had alot of potential. But it just turned so mainstream to appeal to Western audiance. Why? Their inspiration was COD for gods sake, the idea of being on a linear path contantly under pressure from enemies. It does NOT suit an RPG. God, I really hated this game"

That's my opinion of it anyhow. They may aswell taken out movement outside battles for the first 20 hours.

Ddouble down there, people are still hating on it because articles come out defending it. It was an abomination to me.

Gamer-Z2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I call it the COD effect, Its been happening to a lot of games lately. Its funny though and i don't get this but its been affecting RPG's more than FPS's 0_o

rabidpancakeburglar2579d ago

No it doesn't. Sure it was very linear for most of the game and had some characters that weren't likeable (what FF doesn't) but it had a good story and combat system (despite some people's opinion on them).

There are a lot of people who say that it had a bad story on here but it was a very good story, although at times cheesy as hell. I'm pretty sure that most of the people who didn't like the story didn't play the game long enough for it to make sense.

TheBlackMask2579d ago

"but it had a good story"


"and combat system"


"I'm pretty sure that most of the people who didn't like the story didn't play the game long enough for it to make sense."

Oh no...people played it, it was just crap and complicated. It made no sense, everytime something happened in the game you had to open up the the Datalog to read the things which you wern't told about to get the full picture, even then it was like "Whaaaaa".

Why should someone have to keep opening in game datalogs to understand the on going story. You've never had to do that before in a FF game because the storys were actually good.

I understand you like it but don't lie and say it had a good story and especialy a good battle system which was also crap...yeah we all like our battles to be played out for us most of the time, rely on luck and button mash. Oh and before you say "Well don't have auto battle on" you basicaly needed it most of the time or you wouldn't be able to get through it.

rabidpancakeburglar2579d ago

If you actually played enough of the game then you never had to open the datalog, I know I never did in my first play through as everything comes together. I thought that it did have a good story, maybe you didn't but that's your opinion and not mine.

Some peoples opinions will differ on the battle system and I think it was great. Sure you can spend your time button mashing but the point about not having the battle system on is valid (not your point I mean). You only need to stick to the autobattle if you're aiming to get 5 stars in battles.

Bimkoblerutso2579d ago

The story seemed like a joyless, melodramatic parody of itself and the gameplay, though new and fresh, just wasn't as interesting as past games. It seemed like a shift away from strategy and more toward tactics.

Plus then there's the whole 30 some-odd hours of hall walking you have to go through before the game opens up...that definitely didn't help things.

Eamon2579d ago

Okay let's be fair here. It's one thing to say it had a good battle system. It's almost 50.50 when it comes to fan reaction to FF13 battle system.

But the story, there is a complete landslide majority who agree it was terrible.

rabidpancakeburglar2579d ago

There is also a complete landslide majority who say that they never bothered to finish the game.

SuperLupe2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Hard to finish a game when the story is utter crap.

I have finished every FF game since FF6. That said I finished FF12 just for the sake of it. I couldnt endure another borefest with FF13 after FF12. And Im not even a FF13 hater, just longing for a FF game with a story like back in the PS1 era.

I'll definatly be getting FF13-2 since they seem to have improved on every aspect of the game (even the ones that didnt bother such as the battle system). Looks like its the what FF13 should have been from the start.

WhiteLightning2579d ago


What are you on about, they havent improved hardly anything in the sequel...even the battle system is roughly the same.

Sqaure WANTS you to think they've listened and improved the game but they's just to make suckers, much like yourself, buy the game again.

When do Sqaure ever listen, be honest.....sorry I mean when do they ever ACT after they've listened......NEVER. If they did we would be up to a FF9 remake by now with FF7/8 out the door.

Megaman_nerd2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

what story? A collection of pep talks, unnecessary drama and then all of a sudden: "let's go kill the Orphan, that will solve everything!". The end. lol

They never even try to explain how how they turned back from being monsters at the end of the game and then how Vanille and Fang saved Cocoon. From where their powers came from since they weren't l'cie anymore and lost all the eidolons and stuff.

FFXIII sucks. Characters suck. Story suck. Battle system suck. The pace suck. This game sucks, admit it.

2v12578d ago

c mon man what story

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Cocozero2579d ago

It only got hate because it went multiplatform. I can promise you if it was the same game but exclusive to the PS3 fans wouldn't be hating on it as much even if it got the same scores.

Just look how everyone here is excited about FFvsXIII without any info about it, its only because its exclusive. When it gets announced as multi platform (which we all know it will) watch how everyone will turn on it, i can promise you that.

tigertron2579d ago

No. It got hate because it failed to live up to its potential.

Like I've said a hundred times before on this subject. FFXIII is a GOOD game. Its a GOOD Final Fantasy, but it could have been so much more. I think alot of us were expecting more from SE after watching the fantastic 2006 trailer. 4 years of development should have produced a better game.

The combat system that we ended up with was pretty good, but the 2006 one looked way better. Also, the game was incredibly linear. Graphics aside, it didn't feel like a game that couldn't have been made last gen. Plus the boss battles suck.

I'm only at the amusement park because I couldn't be bothered to finish it, but I am tempted to try again.

Bimkoblerutso2579d ago

In the game's defense, it does open up and become much more fun after about the 30 hour mark. I agree with what you said in general though.

SuperLupe2579d ago

Can I have your take on GT5 please ? Just curious.

As for me FF13 was a dissapointement because the story was crap and didnt give me any desire to go till the end. The battle system was ok and it was a little more linear than an average FF game but nothing to go go bezerk about.

k2d2579d ago


Beyond the graphics, FFXIII was shit -compared to other FF's-.

Doesn't even matter whether it's because of developers going multiplat or not.